Taylor Swift Embarasses Herself As She Hashtags Her Way Through The ‘Tumblrverse’

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift lets it all out when she ventures into the blogging world known as Tumblr. The 25-year-old pop singer has been using the networking site to keep in touch with her fans, although it’s been rumored that either Taylor Nation or the “Taygency” are the ones who use her account.

Swift most recently reblogged a Meredith meme on her blog. The account called FightingDragonsWithYou shared a funny mean of the singer’s popular cat, Meredith. Swift’s fans also added lyrics from her hit song “Style” onto the photos. Swift showed her seal of approval by reblogging the meme onto her Tumblr blog.


Taylor even responded to the fan’s original comment that read: “I’m so sorry.” The singer said: “Don’t be. She’s not.”

It’s a known fact that Swift reveals more on Tumblr than she does on Instagram and Twitter, according to HTF Magazine. On her blog, she loves to show off her celebrity friends, cat selfies, recipes, and jokes. Swift also shows her appreciation for her fans when it comes to congratulating them on their own accomplishments or sharing break-up playlists with them. Swift has even gone as far as to correct a fan’s grammar and to ask another to stop calling her “mom.” (More on that later.)

The singer also misuses hashtags and is open about it. When Taylor first joined Tumblr, she wrote: “#IDontKnowWhatHastaggigIsOrDoes.”

Now, it seems like Taylor has become the “queen of hashtags,” like WhoSay has noted. She has created up to 89 unique hashtags on the social blogging site. How fitting. Maybe it’s to celebrate her successful pop album, 1989.

She even started the hashtag “Tayvin AF” after she started dating DJ Calvin Harris. (Think of it as the new version of “Relationship Goals.”) Fans gave the couple the name “Tayvin” after it was confirmed they were dating. The singer has even joined in by not so subtly liking posts that talk about her relationship.

Taylor Swift also explains why she does what she does. Earlier this month, paps caught the singer hiking down a hill backwards. That caused some reports to think that Swift was drunk while hiking.

Taylor responded to the speculation via Tumblr by sharing an animated GIF of Kristen Wigg from Bridesmaids. The GIF also included the phrase: “If I was drunk, would I be able to do this?”


Swift went on to explain why she hiked backwards. “I saw the guy with the camera and wasn’t in the mood so I hiked the whole trail backwards and my security told me when to make turns. Ah, the tranquility of the great outdoo-TAYLORCANYOULOOKOVERHEREGIVEUSASMILEAREYOUDATI.”

It’s good to know that she wasn’t drinking while hiking. So, what about that time Taylor corrected a fan who called her mom? Another fan named Maddie shared a video of her mom griping that her daughter keeps referring to Taylor as “mom.” Teens refer to their idols as “mom” or “dad” as a compliment these days.

Swift saw the video and went to Tumblr to respond.

“Maddie. This is a passionate plea and I see her reasoning. Your mom birthed you. I was off playing in coffee houses. Your mom tended to you when you cried as a toddler. I drew lyrics on my arms and stomped around in cowboy boots while you cried in the night. Your mom taught you how to speak and read. I was like ‘come on! Let’s all have fun and jump around at this concert and paint our faces with glitter!’ So no, I have not earned the right to be referred to as your ‘Mom’. I’m more like your crazy aunt. So you shall not call me ‘Mom’. No, it’s Aunt Becky.”

Becky is one of the memes that Swift co-adopted when she took to Tumblr last year. Since joining the site, she’s been embarrassing by revealing what she likes and what she doesn’t like. What are your thoughts on her Tumblr blog? Do you think she should dial it back, or do you think she should continue to be open and honest with her fans?

[Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TAS]