Katy Perry Gets Nude For Moschino Ad [Photos]

Benjamin Simon

Katy Perry has never been one to be shy about her body. Even so, fans were shocked this week to learn that Katy Perry went nearly nude for the new Moschino ad campaign.

Shortly after the pop singer announced she would be the new celebrity face of the brand, new NSFW photos surfaced showing a nude Katy Perry barely covered by a fur coat she's only half-wearing. According to People, Katy Perry shared the full-color photo of her nearly naked body to her Instagram today (Monday, June 15).

Before sharing the nude photo, Katy Perry teased its release to her Instagram followers, saying "Can't wait to show you one of my FAVORITE things EVER at the top of the hour... Stay."

You can see these racy photos of Perry on Instagram.

Katy Perry kept her recent pixie cut for the Moschino photo shoot, which goes well with the bold colors of the clothing she modeled.

In one photo, Katy can be seen wearing a bright purple outfit, complete with hat and handbag and a vibrant orange backpack. Despite wearing a lot more clothes than the nude photo with the fur coat, Perry still skipped the pants for this particular shot.

For another shot, Katy Perry sports a jacket covered in blue patches with gold trim, along with a collection of gold chains over a gold bra. She captioned this image "THE FACE OF MOSCHINO" on Instagram.

As Popcrush points out, much of the Moschino's "cartoon-like" style is right in line with the colorful and often silly outfits that Katy Perry wears on stage and in music videos. The people behind the ad campaign must have known that Perry was the perfect face for their flashy brand, both for her body and her brazen sense of style.

You can see yet another set of photos for the new Moschino ads below, featuring the "Fireworks" singer in some even crazier get-ups, including a giant, shiny blue coat and a jacket covered in graffiti.

According to the Daily Mail, Katy has a history with the creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott. The pop idol has reportedly worn some Moschino clothing items before.

What do you think of Katy Perry's nearly nude photos in the new Moschino ad? Which of the outfits was your favorite?

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[Images courtesy of Moschino]