October 19, 2019
Jessica Jung: Former 'Girls' Generation' Member Turns Heads Posing Topless In Glamour Pictorial

Back in 2014, K-pop group Girls' Generation went through the systematic steps of a reboot following the departure of one of their members, Jessica Jung. Apparently, the departure happened because Jessica's schedule conflicted with Girls' Generation's schedule. Fast-forward to the present, and it seems that Girls' Generation is bouncing back from the situation with news of a new album releasing later on this year, this time as an eight-member group.

Fortunately for her fans, Jessica Jung is bouncing back too with a solo career and a new clothing line. She is also posing in photo shoots too in which her modeling foray has a more casual approach, but still expresses sexuality. Case and point: Jessica Jung turned heads by posing topless in a recent photo shoot, which remained simple and classy (SFW).

According to KpopStarz, Jessica Jung recently appeared in the pages and cover of the June edition of BEAUTY+ magazine. Most of the spread showed a very mature Jung as if she were embracing her freedom. But as mentioned earlier, readers -- as well as her fans -- were given a huge surprise when Jung posed topless for the first time in her career. Though the shot was very sexy, it did not cross the boundaries of provocativeness. Instead, Jessica Jung poses with her back towards the camera while covering her breasts, an expression that she is breaking out on her own yet still vulnerable.

Jessica Jung Topless
Jessica Jung, the former member of Girls' Generation, posed topless in a very classy photo.

Allkpop also reported on Jessica Jung's topless shot, providing the insight that the photo isn't just about Jung breaking out, but it is symbol of her shedding her youthful idol image from her Girls' Generation days. Not only that, but the all the photos in the spread (not just the single topless one alone) really push Jung's natural beauty too. In all her photos, Jessica Jung's hair is naturally kept while her make-up limited to non-existent. Even the title of the photo shoot ("Beautiful! Jessica's Natural Beauty") should be an indication of the shoot's intent.

In conclusion, Jessica Jung is doing just fine on her own. Pertaining to modeling, her spread in BEAUTY+ isn't the only one on her resume. She also recently posed in Marie Claire in which she gave an in-depth interview about her life, especially after leaving Girls' Generation.

[Images via BEAUTY+ Facebook Page]