Waldorf Astoria Wedding Shooting: Bride Goes Nuts When Hotel Cancels $1 Million Reception After Accidental Shooting

Waldorf Astoria Wedding Shooting: Bride Goes Nuts When Upscale Hotel Cancels Her $1 Million Reception After Accidental Shooting

A Waldorf Astoria wedding shooting led to some high drama after hotel officials decided to cancel a $1 million wedding reception after an accidental shooting, and one disappointed bride reportedly went nuts.

The incident took place this weekend, when bride Anna Goldschmidt was getting ready to say her vows to Elan Stratiyevsky in a traditional Jewish ceremony. Guests were enjoying a pre-wedding cocktail in the lobby of the exclusive New York City hotel when the bride’s cousin accidentally shot a guest.

The shooting left one woman with a minor head wound and others with cuts from broken glass. The shooter, Vladimir Gotlibovsky, explained that he had a permit for the 9mm Ruger and that the gun went off accidentally.

Police had initially charged the shooter with a number of counts, but later announced that they would defer charges.

The District Attorney’s office released a statement on the Waldorf Astoria wedding shooting.

“Prosecution of this case is deferred while the investigation continues into the circumstances surrounding the discharge of the firearm and its removal from the scene. The person believed to have discharged the weapon has a permit authorizing him to possess and carry it.”

But the incident didn’t end there. After the shooting, the couple went on with the ceremony, but the hotel’s staff then informed Anna Goldschmidt that the million-dollar reception would have to be canceled.

She didn’t take it well, as the the New York Post reported.

“Thanks to a veil of secrecy constructed by family and friends, Goldshmidt — decked out in a jewel-encrusted headpiece — remained in the dark until after the traditional Jewish ceremony, which included the breaking of a glass followed by a passionate kiss as hundreds of guests cheered.

Goldshmidt learned of the gunplay only when the hotel cited it as the reason it was canceling her reception, leaving her ‘hysterical,’ a law enforcement source said.

She let out a ‘blood-curdling’ scream, the source said.”

Many at the wedding said they felt sorry for the bride, who had nothing to do with the incident and ended up having her dream wedding abruptly called off.

“The guy’s an idiot. It was during cocktail hour. It was just stupid that he brought it,” said a guest, who did not give his name.

Though the charges against Vladimir Gotlibovsky are currently on hold, police may still decide to file charges in the Waldorf Astoria wedding shooting.

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