The Client List: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Series Draws Mixed Reviews [Video]

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s new series, “The Client List,” is a guilty pleasure for some and campy trash for others.

Hewitt stars as Riley Parks, a Texas wife and mother of two who is struggling for cash. Parks decides to give a little extra at the massage parlor in order to see the big tips roll in. The Chicago Sun-Times writes that “(The Client List is) equal parts sex and silly… I can’t bring myself to sit through more of this silliness to find out if there’s a happy ending.”

Hewitt appears in plenty of scandalous outfits throughout the show (although her naturally large bust was digitally reduced for the Lifetime series) which has Angel Cohn at TV Without Pity wondering why they didn’t just name the show “Jennifer’s Body.”

Hewitt’s body and the sexy nature of the show have many critics saying that “The Client List” could prove to be a guilty pleasure for many viewers. The NY Times writes:

“We all know and love the hooker with the heart of pure gold. The question with The Client List is whether we will still love (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in a show that on several levels is selling pure trash. Okay, delicious trash, perhaps. But still, trash.”

Here’s a teaser for “The Client List.”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the new series.

Did you watch “The Client List” last night? Will the show be a guilty pleasure hit?