Caitlyn Jenner Accused Of ‘Shady Business’: Is Caitlyn Keeping Reality Show Payments In A Trust?

Caitlyn Jenner has been accused of taking part in some shady business. The reality star is currently filming a docuseries called I Am Cait, but sources say that she’s not cashing her paychecks just yet. According to Radar Online, those close to Caitlyn have advised her to put her earned money into a trust fund until after she settles two lawsuits stemming from a deadly car crash that she was involved in earlier this year.

“Business managers for Caitlyn have advised her that the smartest thing to do is to keep the paychecks from the reality show in a trust account. Caitlyn’s finances were all previously controlled by Kris Jenner, but it was very important to Caitlyn to get a solid team to manage her money right away. There are also obviously big concerns regarding the two lawsuits Caitlyn is facing because of the fatal car accident.”

Caitlyn Jenner might be off the hook in at least one of the lawsuits, according to her attorneys. However, she’s keeping her steady income stream locked away so that she has a bit of a nest egg to rely on, especially if she’s forced to pay out millions of dollars. It has been reported that Caitlyn was paid $5 million to film I Am Cait, and she has put most, if not all, of that money away so that it can’t be touched.

“Caitlyn’s attorneys are confident the lawsuit filed by the step-children of Kimberly Howe, the woman who was killed, will be dismissed because there was no relationship of financial dependence, but the second lawsuit filed by Jessica Steindorff, who was driving a Prius that got rear-ended, could be very costly because she did suffer injuries.”

Once these lawsuits are settled, Caitlyn will likely access her money and go on living her new life. Since transitioning to a woman, Caitlyn has been in the news every other day for something. Aside from this “shady business” deal (which some may refer to as “smart”), there are also rumors that Caitlyn is going to be making guest appearances on various shows and in some upcoming movies.

While nothing has been confirmed at this time, it does seem as though the possibilities are endless.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the cast of Transparent seem eager to get her on the show, perhaps as guest stars. The whole cast had nothing but wonderfully supportive things to say about Caitlyn when they were asked about her at the FYC event at West Hollywood’s Directors Guild of America Theater on June 1.

Caitlyn Jenner’s name comes up quite a bit when talking about this stuff. In fact, Matt Bomer recently joked that Jenner would be starring in the new Magic Mike film. Check out the clip below!

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]