Wisdom Teeth Surgery Leaves 17-Year-Old Sydney Galleger Fighting For Her Life

Patricia Didelot

A Minnesota teen had wisdom teeth surgery that turned into every family's worst nightmare. She is still in alive, but "not doing well," according to her mother.

Sydney Galleger, 17, a junior at Eden Prairie High School outside Minneapolis, Minnesota, was undergoing wisdom teeth surgery when she went into cardiac arrest at the oral surgeon's office. Paramedics arrived quickly, performed CPR, and rushed the teen to the hospital.

Diane Galleger, Sydney's mother, wrote a post on her daughter's Caring Bridge page -- created after her wisdom teeth surgery -- which many interpreted as news that the girl had died. However, on Monday she corrected her statement saying that Sydney was alive, but not well.

"...what started out as a normal day soon turned anything but normal." Diane Galleger said.

The girl was transferred to University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital, where doctors informed her parents that she may have been suffering from an undetected heart condition. The confusion came when the mom stated medical staff gave the family "the most devastating news we have ever received."

On Monday, Diane Galleger apologized for the confusion her words caused friends and families in a post on her daughter's website.

"I apologize if it was interpreted that way. I'm not thinking so clearly right now therefore I may have stated it in an unclear way...Although the (doctors) have basically told us there is nothing else they can do for Sydney, she continues to hang on breathing over her ventilator that's inserted in her mouth."

"She is a fighter, she is still alive."

"She is a fighter, she is still alive."

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