Tom Cruise: Crush On Actress Has Some Wondering If Cruise Will Marry Again

Tom Cruise supposedly has a crush on actress Lola Kirke. According to Hollywood Life, the Mission Impossible actor, 52, has had his eye on a new lady, and sources say that things have gotten pretty intense between the two already. The two are in Atlanta filming Mena, and have grown close over the past several weeks. While some say that the two have formed a great friendship, others suggest that Tom is in “hot pursuit” of the 24-year-old actress.

“Something about the fresh faced, bohemian actress has really turned him on. He’s already sizing her up to be wife No. 4… One day, he walked up behind her and was caressing her back. She turned around with a big smile, and they had a long conversation before Tom went back to work. They definitely seemed flirtatious. She’s told others on the production how handsome and ingratiating she finds Tom. It’s obvious she’s not immune to his superstar charms.”

If Tom Cruise does have a crush on Lola Kirke, the two could end up dating. Of course, she would have to be completely open to Scientology — and perhaps be willing to commit to a life within the church, but who knows if that’s something she wants?

In recent weeks, Tom Cruise has also been linked to actress Paula Patton (Gossip Cop debunked that dating rumor), and to his assistant, Emily, who is said to be a dead ringer for Tom’s ex, Katie Holmes. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the 22-year-old has been spotted from time to time with Cruise (she is his assistant, after all), and the tabloids keep trying to figure it all out.

According to Mail Online, sources have previously said that Tom has gotten touchy-feely with Emily, but his reps have denied the rumors over and over again. Tom is more likely to date someone like Lola Kirke (you may recognize the name as her sister, Jemima Kirke, stars in Girls), than his assistant, mainly because of his fame, but you never know.

Tom Cruise may have a crush on a woman or two, but it doesn’t seem like he’s dating anyone at this time. Since his split from Katie Holmes back in 2012, he’s only had one confirmed girlfriend, and that was Cynthia Jorge, and that didn’t last very long. In 2013, Cruise was thought to be dating Orange Is The New Black star Laura Prepon. He was also rumored to be romancing Olga Kurylenko. None of those rumors proved to be true.

Do you think Tom Cruise will get married again?

[Photo by Michael Buckner / Getty Images]