Fredrik Eklund Spreads Mousey’s Ashes In The Caribbean: ‘Mousey’s Spirit All Around’

Fredrik Eklund has been going through a rough time. Even though Fredrik has been doing very well in the real-estate industry in various countries, he is going through some emotional issues in his private life. Not only has Fredrik been sharing his struggle to find eggs to start a family on Million Dollar Listing: New York, but he has also been sharing the journey of losing his beloved dog.

Just a few weeks ago, Fredrik Eklund revealed that his beloved Mousey was very sick. Eklund had been trying to do everything in his power to make his dog feel better, but Fredrik revealed that Mousey had passed away in his arms. Since then, Fredrik has been trying to make sense of it all with the support of his husband and his second dog, Fritzy.

According to a new Instagram post, Fredrik Eklund and his husband decided to fly to the Caribbean this weekend to spread Mousey’s ashes in a place where they all loved hanging out. It is a place very special to the family, so it made sense for Fredrik and Derek Kaplan to go there to say goodbye to their beloved dog.

“Fritzy in my lap. Derek by my side. Mother Earth below. And Mousey’s spirit all around #HomeBound,” Fredrik Eklund revealed on Instagram, as he was flying around the Caribbean with his husband and reflecting on his journey.

“Going away for the weekend with Derek and Fritzy, with kisses high above the clouds. Mousey had a secret spot in the Caribbean, and it’s time for us to go there and spread her ashes in the ocean,” Fredrik Eklund revealed late last week, as he was getting ready to fly out with his small family.

Of course, Eklund has plenty of things to look forward to. Many of his fans reminded him that Mousey was making room for his daughter, Milla. According to the Inquisitr, Eklund recently suffered a setback in his baby plans, as his best friend, Anna, decided not to donate an egg or two to him. In addition, Eklund had also asked Emilia Bechrakis to help out, but she also declined. However, Fredrik Eklund has revealed that Milla is on the way via surrogate, so he must have found a donor who was willing to help them out.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund traveling to the Caribbean to say goodbye to his beloved Mousey with his husband?

[Image via Instagram]