Simone Whitmore Flips On Husband Over Toya: ‘I Am Not Happy’

Simone Whitmore may be known as the funny doctor who can take a joke, but on this season of Married To Medicine, it appears that Whitmore is dealing with lots of stress. It is no secret that Whitmore doesn’t want to deal with the drama from Season 2, but Whitmore was forced to confront it head-on on last night’s episode of Married to Medicine.

Of course, Simone Whitmore isn’t the only person who is dealing with drama. According to the Inquisitr, Simone admits that she loves trash talking, but she doesn’t love the idea of physical violence. And the other ladies are caught up in their own drama, including background checks and accusations.

According to a new Bravo report, Simone Whitmore is now revealing why she flipped out on her husband after confronting Toya Bush-Harris after meeting up to settle the reunion drama from last year.

“Cecil and Dr. Eugene will not let ‘sleeping dogs lie’ with trying to get me and Toya back together again. I don’t understand their actions, but I am willing to listen. Cecil and I have been married long enough for him to know when something is not working. I went to Top Golf hopeful that Toya and I could mend a broken relationship but it was clear as glass, Toya wasn’t interested at all,” Simone Whitmore explains of the meeting with Toya and her husband.

The surprising thing about this meeting was Simone flipping out on her husband after they left the golf club. The two are supposed to be a team and stick together, but Simone was furious that Cecil would set up the meeting, knowing that there was tension between the two ladies. Whitmore admits that she should control her anger in these kinds of situations, but she had hoped for a better outcome. In the end, Simone Whitmore yells at her husband, telling him not to put her in situations where she will fail.

“She couldn’t say anything nice about me and to add insult to injury, she couldn’t admit any wrongdoing leading up to this point,” Simone Whitmore reveals about the dramatic showdown, adding, “And on that note, it was time for me to exit stage left. Cecil usually does well as a mediator and I get it, but he should see it is not going to work with Toya. I am not happy that I had to snap on Cecil, but he was pushing my buttons by trying to force a friendship that is clearly over. STICK A FORK IN ME BECAUSE I AM DONE.”

Maybe it is time for Simone Whitmore to move on from the drama. And maybe her husband needs to respect Simone’s desire to keep her distance from Toya.

What did you think of Simone Whitmore flipping out on her husband?

[Image via Bravo]