Jenelle Evans’ Son, Jace, Was At The Beach Moments Before Shark Attack

Jenelle Evans has been living in both North and South Carolina for years, and the MTV cameras always travelled to the east coast to film with Evans. Jenelle loves living there, because it is close to the beach and Evans loves taking her children down to the water. Plus, she loves getting a tan and spending time outside.

However, Jenelle Evans may be a bit more cautious these days, as she learned of the shark attack yesterday. Two teenagers were attacked close to her home. Even though Jenelle was not at the beach yesterday, her son Jace was with her own mother, Barbara.

According to her Twitter account, Jenelle Evans is sharing details about her son who was at the beach just minutes before the attack happened. Luckily, Barbara had left with Jace just 15 minutes before the attacks happened. And apparently, she knew that feeding time was just about to happen.

“WOW my mom said she left the beach at 4:30 with Jace right before the shark attacks happened! She said 4:45-5pm is usually feeding time,” Jenelle Evans revealed this morning, adding, “The girl is trying to save her leg and arm. Part of her arm is gone and they are trying to save her leg. The boy I hear lost a leg or an arm.”

Jenelle Evans was not present at the beach, so it is very possible that she was with her younger son, Kaiser. She is currently not living with Nathan Griffith, who shares custody of little Kaiser. Jenelle has revealed that she is not with Nathan these days because there is a lack of trust between them.

“Whenever we’re not with each other we don’t trust each other. I haven’t done anything to be unfaithful so there is nothing on my end he needs to be concerned of,” Jenelle Evans reveals of her relationship with Nathan Griffith, adding that they simply didn’t trust one another.

But Evans has plenty of things to celebrate. She recently wrapped up her schooling and is one step closer to starting a career in the medical field. According to the Inquisitr, Jenelle denied dating a new man, even though she has been keeping a low profile and keeping her business away from social media. It sounds like she is growing up and moving on.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweet about Jace being at the beach several minutes before the shark attack?

[Image via Instagram]