Bear Accident: Female Bear Hit By Car In Massachusetts Euthanized, Cub Survives

A female bear that was injured after being hit by a car in central Massachusetts was euthanized by officials after it was found that her injuries were too grave to be treated. According to WCVB News, the bear was hit by a van near an area called the Frohloff Farm. It is unclear at this stage how the accident took place. Details about the person who was behind the wheel of the van at the time of the accident also remains unclear.

The large female bear was accompanied by her cub, which was not injured in the accident. According to authorities, the cub was old enough to fend for itself, and the death of the mother bear should not have a major impact on the juvenile. Meanwhile, residents from the area told local newspaper Telegram & Gazette that another large male bear was also seen in the area where the accident happened. There were also reports about a mother-cub duo being spotted in the area before the accident happened. It is now believed that the two bears could be the same ones that were involved in the accident.

Meanwhile, the driver of the van remains unknown and, according to initial reports, there was no indication of him being cited by authorities. It is also unclear at this stage if the driver sustained any injuries following the accident.

Meanwhile, an advisory posted on the website of the Energy and Environmental Affairs Department of Massachusetts says that there have been a spike in the general population of Black Bears in Massachusetts. It says that Black Bear sightings are becoming increasingly common, and that they are moving further to the east. The website has also posted detailed facts and resources that people can use to learn about bears and eventually, avoid conflict with them.

The Inquisitr has, in the past, reported about similar incidents. Back in November, 2014, a large 600-pound bear was hit by a truck in Missouri. In another incident, a black bear inadvertently caused an accident in Florida that led to the death of three people and left eight severely injured.

[Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images]