‘American Horror Story’ Jessica Lange To Work With Ryan Murphy Again

There is no doubt that Jessica Lange is a multi-talented performer with a large body of acting credits in film, television, and theater, but there’s no doubt the roles for which Ms. Lange is most recently known came with Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story anthology series. In fact, Ms. Lange is all too aware that her decision to depart from American Horror Story has left millions of fans heartbroken and disappointed. As the name Jessica Lange is mentioned, fans come forward with questions and hopes that Ms. Lange will again return to American Horror Story.

In a recent Deadline interview, Jessica revealed that it hadn’t been her intention to even stay with American Horror Story as long as she did, planning to just guest star in a single season.

“I had such a great time doing it the first year, when they approached me to do it again I thought, ‘well okay, maybe we can do it season to season.’ Instead, I agreed to do three more seasons. And that was fine because I’ve had just such a great time doing it. I have no regrets or second thoughts about that decision. But there’s always an end to everything.”

For Ms. Lange, her time spent with American Horror Story was even more worthwhile than most people realize, because Jessica was much more than a recognizable star on American Horror Story. Jessica collaborated with Ryan Murphy throughout her run on the show and worked with the writing team, who were all eager to entice Ms. Lange to keep returning season after season. The creators behind the scenes of American Horror Story were masters at tailoring diverse and wild characters to enthrall Ms. Lange.

“They gave me so much to do every season in a time in my career where that’s the exception not the rule anymore. I mean we could get into a long thing about women aging in Hollywood and what happens.”

Jessica admits that she has missed working with Ryan Murphy in particular and, while she definitely feels her time with American Horror Story is over, Ms. Lange says she is always open to working on other projects headed by Murphy. In fact, Jessica reveals that she will be playing the role of Mary Tyrone in A Long Day’s Journey Into Night, a play to be produced for Broadway by Ryan Murphy. Jessica revealed that she has played this role before and had received a nomination for an Olivier Award, all of which seemed to intrigue Mr. Murphy enough to invest in a new run of the play.

“What was wonderful is Ryan and I were talking, he’s so generous, and I mentioned this thing of wanting to do this play because I had done it 15 years ago and I really wanted to do it again. He went out and got the rights, which was so touching. I love him. He’ll be involved as a producer, but he signed it over to the Roundabout Theater so it’s all done, it’s a not-for-profit theater, and we’ll do it on Broadway next year.”

Before A Long Day’s Journey Into Night has it’s run, fans can catch Jessica Lange co-starring alongside Demi Moore and Billy Connolly in Wild Oats, which will hit theaters later this year.

[Featured image: Jessica Lange courtesy of Mark Davis/Getty Images]