Mysterious Justin Bieber Skywriting In New York City

Justin Bieber is a “smileophile,” or so says the mysterious skywriting that appeared Sunday afternoon over New York City. New Yorkers out for a sunny walk were greeted by the phrase in fluffy white writing on the blue summer sky.


— Ani (@chiplover_09) June 14, 2015

No one is sure what it’s all about, though whoever hired the skywriters clearly thinks that Bieber likes smiles. Does Justin like smiles on his own face when he looks in a mirror? Maybe he likes to see other people smiling, like Bieber fans in the audience for instance.

As Billboard pointed out, Justin isn’t known for his dedication to big grins. He wasn’t smiling much when he made the Calvin Klein skivvies ads. But Noisey reminds readers that Bieber has been on a “charm offensive” for while, maybe as a way to repair some of his brat reputation. When New Yorkers saw the skywriting, there were mixed reactions. One Twitter user thought the word “smileophile” was actually “pedophile.”

Others thought it would be worthwhile asking Justin directly what the skywriting smileophile message was all about.

Twitter user Willa Hernandez just wanted to know why there was Justin Bieber skywriting all over the sky.

Justin may actually like smiles, and he may also like smiling. That doesn’t mean smiles come easily to Bieber. He’s having to work hard at the whole grinning gig. He appeared on Ellen to make apologies for some for some of his brattier escapades, and he did well at the Comedy Central roast in his honor. It’s sort of impressive that Justin himself asked for the roast.

Kent Alterman of Comedy Central explained to Hollywood Reporter that the roast was Justin’s idea that he should be roasted since he’s now 21-years-old. “I’m turning 21 and I wanna be roasted,” said Bieber. Alterman was impressed.

“It shows great perspective and courage on his part.”

Back to the skywriting. Noisey referenced a Kylie Jenner “dispatch” in which the reality star “questioned the environmental footprint of skywriting.’ Kylie was especially concerned about the dying honey bee population and the possible link to all the skywriting she sees on her way to work.

So, the question is, do bees make Justin Bieber smile? And, if Justin smiles at the thought of bees, does he like the look of the smile on his face?

[Image by Michael Tran/FilmMagic]