Summer Kids Activities In Florida: Airsoft Game Day At Combat Zone Provides Family Fun

Parents who are looking for any interesting summer kids activities in central Florida may want to consider an upcoming airsoft game set for June 20, 2015 at Combat Zone. This is Brevard County’s premier paintball field and they are branching out by providing an airsoft game day that is open to the public.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, some police departments are treating airsoft guns like a public menace since it’s possible for a cop to accidentally shoot someone carrying a lookalike gun. Due to this history, we have provided a safety guide that may help save a life. If you are looking at saving money when comparing Airsoft Polarstar guns versus AEG and GBB, we have also provided a guide that provides information that reviews rarely discuss.

Combat Zone’s airsoft game event will be running all day Saturday, June 20, from 10 a.m. through 8 p.m. in the evening. The airsoft game is being hosted by a local Florida airsoft team called the Brevard Knights and they are hoping it will jumpstart many future summer children’s activities.

“The Brevard Knights Airsoft team is inviting all Central Florida Airsoft players to Combat Zone Paintball (Store & Fields) Saturday, June 20th. Cost $15/day Bring your own gun & ammo *(Ammo is available to purchase) MUST have a signed waiver. There are two fields to play – Trench field and an Indoor CQB style field. There is a full service snack bar available and we will be doing some AirSplat giveaways! This day is for players of all levels!”

The exact prizes for the airsoft game giveaway have yet to be announced, although it is expected that AirSplat brand airsoft BBs will be made available. As noted, there will be two fields reserved specifically for the airsoft game, with the remainder of the fields being used by paintball players. Airsoft players will need to bring their own guns since rentals will not be made available by Combat Zone.

At this point, any parents considering their options for summer kids activities will probably want to know the difference between airsoft and paintball. The basic gameplay is similar, except that airsoft uses 6 mm plastic BBs which do not leave any marks. As such, you do not have to worry about your kids’ clothing being covered in paint.

Airsoft guns are also more realistically built and are designed to look and feel like real life guns. Paintball guns use hoppers mounted from the top while airosft guns use magazines shaped like the real ting. Some military simulation (milsim) airsoft players will even limit their ammo count to provide a more realistic gaming experience.

Parents should be aware that airsoft guns, like paintball markers, can and will leave minor bruises. Children should wear long sleeve shirts and pants in order to provide full protection.

[Image via Brevard Knights]