MC Supreme Dead: 47-Year-Old 90’s Rapper Killed In Malibu Car Crash

MC Supreme, a famous rapper from the 90’s, was killed in a car crash in Malibu, California when his parked car was hit by a pickup truck. A woman who was inside another vehicle was also injured in the crash. The driver of the pickup truck that caused the accident was reportedly driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The accident that led to the death of MC Supreme happened at around 6:20 a.m. on Sunday in a location south of Corral Canyon Road, Sgt. Matthew Dunn of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s told ABC News.

While officials had not disclosed the identity of the deceased person inside the car, the sister of the victim identified him as MC Supreme. Irene Coleman, the sister of the victim identified him as 47-year-old Dewayne Lawrence Coleman, who was more famous by his rap name MC Supreme.

Meanwhile, officials have identified the driver of the pickup truck as 33-year-old Philip Thomas Torres II of Oxnard.

MC Supreme was in his parked Honda Civic when Philip slammed his car on to the vehicle. The crash left the Honda crumpled and caused it to roll over. The pickup truck flipped and hit another parked vehicle. The injured woman was reportedly in the second vehicle. Another man was also extricated from the other car. He was, however, not injured in the crash. The extent of injuries on the woman too has not been disclosed by officials.

The area where the crash happened is a known location where people tend to park their cars and head towards the nearby beach. Soon after the accident that killed MC Supreme, the road was closed for three hours and was fully operational by noon, WestSide Today reported.

Meanwhile, Irene Coleman revealed that MC Supreme’s song “Black In America” was used by Mike Tyson when he made his way to the ring prior to a fight in the 1990s. She described him as a “positive person, dedicated to working with young people.”

Other family members of MC Supreme are devastated by his death.

The accident that killed MC Supreme incidentally happened near the spot where an accident involving Olympic decathlon champion Bruce Jenner, now – Caitlyn Jenner, happened on February 7. A 69-year-old woman was killed in that incident.

[Image Via ABC 7]