Pope Francis Takes On Climate Change In Fight Movie Spoof Trailer

Pope Francis has spoken out on climate change, and the response spans the spectrum: many are lauding the Pope’s input, and many more are vowing to change their lifestyles in order to protect the planet. Many American conservatives are more than a little angry about the declaration, though. Still, one of the most stunning responses to Pope Francis’ stance on man-made climate change comes from the Observatório do Clima.

The Observatório do Clima is a Brazillian network of civil organizations that promote public policy centered around protecting nature and slowing climate change. They’ve created a video that spoofs Pope Francis’ promise to address climate change in the upcoming encyclical, calling for bishops throughout the Church to promote ecological awareness in their congregations.

Pope Francis knows climate change is real.

The spoof video is going viral quickly — and it has only been online for a few short days. The response to it is as widely varied as the response to the actions that inspired it, with some saying it’s rude and offensive, but most finding it a hilarious play on fight movies, with Pope Francis as the hero. Check the video out below and see what you think.

Of course, Pope Francis squaring off with Jesus to physically train for battling a climate change villain who’s busily promoting fossil fuels is bound to be seen as blasphemous to some, but the central point of the video certainly carries the notion from Pope Francis’s statements on climate change — he’s calling for a fundamental change of course to protect the earth and its people.

Pope Francis does tweet about climate change.

The bit about the Pope tweeting isn’t actually so far off either — Pope Francis has become quite a proliferic tweeter, and he has indeed touched on issues surrounding ecology.

As one of the key religious leaders of the world, there’s no doubt that Pope Francis has the power to lead a battle against the human activity that contributes to climate change, and while he certainly won’t be wearing boxing gloves and physically attacking oil barons, the video is certainly an apt metaphor.

In addition to those who’ve called the video blasphemy, many more are simply annoyed at anything that suggests climate change is real, despite 97 percent of scientists (according to NASA) saying it’s so — and of course, they’re quite offended that Pope Francis agrees.

[Images via: Observatório do Clima]