Zayn Malik Responds To Rumors That He’s Returning to 1D: Will He Or Won’t He?

Zayn Malik sent fans into a tizzy recently with speculation that he will be returning to One Direction. But are the rumors true?

Sorry to break your hearts, directioners, but it looks like the short answer to the question is no.

“Zayn wants to go solo, so he can try and fly under the radar and not have the pressures of being in the world’s biggest pop group,” an inside source told Hollywood Life.“Zayn won’t return to 1D, and certainly not before he can prove to himself and the doubters that he can forge a successful career on his own.”

The rumors all got started when Zayn’s bio was restored to One Direction’s official website. Directioners also realised that his official statement about leaving One Direction was deleted from their Facebook page. All of this seems to point to an official return of Zayn.

And then Twitter went crazy; #zayniscomingback became a global trending topic.

Zayn didn’t just dye his hair blond to distance himself from his boy-band past. Judging by what he’s been up to since he made his fateful decision to leave One Direction, Zayn seems to be making a concerted effort to doing well on his own.

He’s been busy recording his solo album, so much so that there have been reports that his families are scared that he may be overworking himself.

“Since leaving One Direction, Zayn has been working incessantly on his solo career, holing up in a west London studio for hours upon end,” said another insider. “You have to admire his drive and determination with his efforts in trying to go it alone, and any minute he has spare he’s there.”

He’s also looking to venture into the fashion world. Insiders say that he’s looking into getting some fashion endorsement deals.

“Zayn has always been very creative and introverted,” the insider told The Mirror.

“He tried out various looks and styles during his time in One Direction, which has led to interest from top fashion houses.”

So Directioners, it looks like you’re going to have to get used to this brutal reality.

Zayn’s got a whole world of opportunities ahead of it and he’s going after them alone.