Drake’s Interview: ‘Views From The 6’ Release Date Almost Here, His Music In Famous Museum

Drake’s Views From The 6 is another step closer after announcing his partnership with Apple. In a likewise interview, the Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Department flaunts his music.

Many fans — as well as those who aren’t — are awaiting Drake’s new album, Views From The 6. The concern has mostly been over the release date. To some, it almost appears as if it’s not coming soon enough.

However, the wait may be over this month. Recently, in Drake’s announcement about his Apple partnership, he stated that his new album would be available for streaming via the company’s Connect service.

According to Latin Post, Drizzy made it clear that he wanted to focus his music in a particular place, rather than having it all in several locations.

“Instead of having to post your stuff on all these different and sometimes confusing places, it all lives in one very simple and easy place. That is Connect…”

“…As I’m working tirelessly on this next album, this comes at the perfect time for me. Given the great success of my last mixtape that went directly to iTunes, I can’t wait to incorporate Apple Music and especially Connect to what I’m doing next. I’m really excited about what I’m working on.”

As reported by the same article, Apple Connect debuts June 30, 2015. When it launches, it’s going to have music from several artists. For this reason — and Drake’s announcement — people are saying that the 30th may also be Views From The 6‘s release date.

@TeodoroNavy June 30th will be Views From The 6 on Apple Music

— – (@BoyNhevi) June 12, 2015

Views from the 6 looking like a June 30th release when apple music goes live

— Wagon (@OVO_Wagon) June 9, 2015

Like Aubrey Graham mentioned, his successful mixtape shows proof of his zeal for Apple’s music services. He dropped that album as a surprise. Now, the fans seem to be aware of possible tactics.

Whatever the case, he mentioned — during his performance at the New York City Governors Ball — that it would be coming very soon.

Amid all the hype and prompt for his album drop, Drake’s music is also being featured as collaborative effort in Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Department. It’s part of the “I Like It Like This” exhibition.

During an interview, he states as follows.

“For me, it was just about being the bridge between this institution that’s held in the highest regard — which is Sotheby’s — and kids who are into music. My goal was just to try not to make both worlds seem so distant. Every night, for me, is about a playlist. Whether we’re out or whether we’re in, you know? It’s about getting these songs visual representation.”

“I look at art, and sometimes it makes me think of music, or it makes me think of a moment in my life.”

He went on to mention how he gets ready before every show with Robert Johnson’s music because it helps remind him of his father.

Even in Drake’s If You’re Reading This You’re Too Late mixtape, in the song “You and the 6,” he spoke about his relationship with his dad — expounding on how he’s forgiven him and how he’s suggested to his mother that she should do the same.

All in all, are you ready for Drake’s new album? How do you feel about his rhetoric? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

[Photo Credits: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Entertainment]