Lark Voorhies: Loved Ones Claim Her Life Is In Danger

Lark Voorhies just got married to Jimmy Green in Las Vegas, but the new marriage is raising eyebrows and alarms for those who love the former Saved By The Bell star.

As reported earlier by the Inquisitr, Lark took off to Vegas with Jimmy Green, a music engineer, and Green took off from the law in Arizona for threatening to kill a man some time ago.

As for his relationship with Lark, Jimmy apparently made all the right moves. The relationship started over Facebook and evolved into a serious romance fairly quickly. TMZ reported the couple already had two ceremonies and a third one was in the works. The first was a commitment ceremony, the second was in a Las Vegas chapel with a real marriage license, and the third will be with family and friends.

However, now that Jimmy Green’s past has been thrown into the light, it might be a little more difficult getting Lark Voorhies’ side of the family to come to the ceremony to support the couple.

TMZ reports that family and friends of Voorhies are concerned for her life and believe that every minute she spends with her new husband puts her in danger and at risk.

However, sources have supposedly told TMZ that Lark supports her man and believes he has changed for the better since those days in Arizona. She also allegedly heard all about her husband’s past long before anyone else heard about it, and she intends on sticking by her man.

Jimmy Green allegedly yelled at a store owner in 2012, “I’m going to break the store and kill [you].”

In fact, Lark Voorhies does not believe Jimmy Green uttered any threatening words at all, according to her representative, Jennifer Wolfson.

“We are obviously concerned about the allegations and we are looking into the matter. Lark feels these allegations are not true and would like this cleared up as soon as possible.”

Although Green was charged with making criminal threats and disorderly conduct, he allegedly did not attend the court hearing.

“It was just a misdemeanor. They are blowing it out of proportion,” Green told E! News. “Whatever happened, it is in my past. I am a changed man.”

Green added that he intends to go back to court to “get [the case] thrown out.”

The loved ones of Lark Voorhies have allegedly made up their minds and want her to annul the marriage before it’s too late, but it seems like Lark and her husband have to sort things out on their own. Lark may not believe her husband did anything wrong and her husband feels as though he’s a changed man from those days, so it seems as though they may have different perspectives about what actually occurred in 2012.

[Photo via Sonia Hall/Splash News]