Michael Jackson’s Weird Shrine History, Vandalized Statue Repaired

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, and fans have built shrines, tributes, or held memorials since. While some shrines like the ones associated with the One Rose for Michael Jackson event are true tributes — others could be viewed as eccentric.

However, Michael Jackson shrines are appropriate considering the singer held this concept in great regard. It is alleged that Michael Jackson had one for Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor — and an odd shrine to babies.

Although many of the permanent shrine memorials for Michael Jackson that appeared after his death exist without being bothered (as the Michael Jackson Network recently pointed out), one recently had some bad luck.

In particular, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where Michael Jackson filmed the “They Don’t Care About Us” video, a statue erected after his death was vandalized.

Sadly, this somewhat strange looking statue that depicts Michael Jackson was vandalized in late April 2015 — but has since been repaired. Made by Brazilian sculptor Ique Woitschach, the sunglasses on the statue were stolen — and local police were unable to recover the accessory, according to the Daily Star U.K.

Despite this rare incident of vandalism, most Michael Jackson memorials are crime-free, sincere — but sometimes a little bit odd. Good examples are impromptu Michael Jackson shrines like his old rented home in Las Vegas.

In addition, the house where Michael Jackson lived the day of his death is considered to be a point of pilgrimage. The Mirror U.K. states that Michael Jackson died, not at Neverland Ranch, but in a rented home in Los Angeles.

After Michael Jackson passed away, the rented home served as a shrine for several months. The Telegraph U.K. states the following about the location of Michael Jackson’s last living space.

“Until 2006 Jackson had lived at the Neverland Ranch… After he left the United States for Bahrain the estate was shut down by Californian authorities… He subsequently lived in Bahrain, Europe and Las Vegas before renting the Holmby Hills mansion.”

No matter where Michael Jackson resided, he tended to have a shrine inside his home. When he died in 2009, many claimed that Michael Jackson had a strange shrine especially for babies. Now Magazine states the following about this shrine.

“Strangest of all is a baby shrine on a dressing table, featuring plates decorated with the faces of unidentified children and a large placard with the words ‘sweet baby’. The bizarre display also includes an image of silent movie star Charlie Chaplin and a photo of a girl bearing a strong resemblance to Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris.”

Following that, Michael Jackson’s daughter revealed that she also has a shrine for her father. The Daily Mail U.K. states, “With a collection of images clipped from magazines the teen covered the wall behind her white wooden bed…. [Paris Jackson] tweeted that her artwork took her three hours: ‘A whole wall of his pics is the LEAST I could do.’”

Most shrines, like the one at a family home in Washington D.C., the Michael Jackson Memorial Tree in Budapest, or the shrine in Munich are cherished staples in the community. Alternatively, some shrines and statues for Michael Jackson appear for a while — and then are removed.

Such is the story of the Fulham Football Club Michael Jackson statue in England. The Guardian U.K. reports, “The statue is at the behest of the Fulham chairman and owner Mohamed Al Fayed, a close friend of the singer.” Despite the attempts by Al Fayed to honor Michael Jackson, the community protested the “bizarre” appearance of the statue, and had it taken down.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, those that cannot attend a ceremony, memorial, or make a shrine to honor Michael Jackson can still do something special on the anniversary of his death. Each year, there is a ceremony at Michael Jackson’s gravesite in Los Angeles on June 25 where red roses sent by fans are placed on his grave.

The last day to buy a rose for Michael Jackson’s grave through the One Rose for Michael Jackson organization is June 16.

[Feature image via Getty Images]