Courteney Cox Was Originally Supposed To Be With This 'Friends' Character

Courteney Cox has a long resume of acting credits, but like most of her co-stars, she will likely always be best known as Monica Gellar. The Friends actress charmed fans with her character's neat-as-a-pin personality, which always played well off of love interest Chandler's. However, one of the showrunners recently said in an interview that Monica was originally supposed to be with a very different character.

Although Monica and Chandler were sometimes the odd couple--Monica wanted to settle down and have babies while Chandler was commitment-phobic for a long time, for instance--an even odder couple would have been Monica and Joey. That's Marta Kaufman said they were initially supposed to be the ones to fall for each other. Luckily, they strayed from that idea after seeing fans' reactions after Monica and Chandler first hooked up. The studio audience went wild when the duo got together in London on a trip for Ross and Emily's wedding.

"We had no idea what response that was going to get... We had to stop taping because people were screaming. We thought it was going to be funny and we were going to get rid of it. Suddenly the audience told us they had been waiting for that and we had to rethink how we were going to keep going and change the relationship," Kaufman said at a recent festival.

Courteney Cox had some bad news for fans earlier this year when she commented on rumors of a Friends reunion, telling Yahoo! that it just wasn't going to happen. However, she and Jennifer Aniston did reunite with Lisa Kudrow on Jimmy Kimmel Live to do a scene with the talk show host on a re-recreation of the show's famous set.

"Dear lord, people, let it go! We're not doing it… It's just not gonna happen," Cox said.

Courteney has been in headlines this year as she competes for the attention of fans with Jennifer Aniston regarding their respective weddings; Cox will walk down the aisle first with Snow Patrol's John McDaid, and the couple might ask her ex, David Arquette, to give her away.

"Her father passed away in 2001 and she's been telling friends it feels natural for David to 'give her away' given how close they are and how happy they've been for each other to move on," a source told Belfast Telegraph.

According to the source, McDaid is fine with the idea now that he understands Courteney Cox's complex relationship with Arquette, but the couple have not confirmed that he will be a part of the ceremony.

[Photo courtesy YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel]