Rachel Dolezal Backs Out Of NAACP Meeting

Will Rachel Dolezal ever speak publicly about her actual ethnicity? Not any time soon if you go by the latest developments in this blackface controversy. International Business Times reports that the NAACP leader has canceled her plans to speak publicly about the scandal surrounding her identity. In fact, this comes after she brought on herself a firestorm of negative publicity when she made some less than graceful comments about the public’s reaction.

Perez Hilton shares that the NAACP head gave a flippant response to the public demanding answers. She explained that it’s more important for her to “clarify” the situation with the black community before declaring that the public doesn’t understand “the definitions of race and ethnicity.”

That’s not all she said. She had a special comment for the folks who are demanding answers surrounding her identity snafu.

“I don’t give two s***s what you guys think.”

Indeed, she doesn’t seem at all contrite about misleading everyone into thinking she’s black when she evidently is not. Meanwhile, she’s scrambling to find a way to smooth out this problem, which has included the cancellation of speaking events. The woman reportedly emailed a statement after claiming that she needs more time to talk about things with national leaders in the NAACP.

Of course, it was revealed that many members of the NAACP were going to protest outside the meeting where Dolezal was scheduled to speak. The 37-year-old woman only shared that brief message regarding the cancellation of the meeting, so it’s not known for a fact if the threats of protest had anything to do with it.

Rachel Dolezal has commented before that she identifies as a black woman, even going as far as saying specifically that she prefers to be called “black” and not African-American. That’s probably because she’s not actually African-American at all, as her parents have reportedly declared. The woman allegedly grew up in Montana to two biological parents who are both very white. In fact, her parents shared an older photo of her with the public that shows her with blonde hair, fair skin, and freckles.

Do you think Rachel Dolezal is doing something wrong by appearing to parade herself as a black woman when she is reportedly not a person of color? Her loved ones think that she’s being dishonest and that what she’s doing is a form of blackface, while some of her supporters feel as though she’s just representing herself in a way that reflects who she is on the inside.

[Photo: Twitter/Dolezal family]