Severe Flooding In Texas Expected Throughout The Week

May was an abnormally wet month for the state of Texas. After a short reprieve, the lone-star state will be seeing more rain and possible flooding.

Houston normally sees 5.09 inches of precipitation in May and, according toAccuWeather, this year they saw 14.17 inches. The rest of Texas has not fared much better. Flooding has become a big issue.

At the beginning of June, Texas saw some dry time. It seemed as if their rain issue might be clearing up. Unfortunately, it seems as though Mother Nature is not through with them yet.

A tropical system is heading toward Texas, bringing a plume of moisture along with it. The moisture will cause thunderstorms, showers and even more flooding.

Rob Richards, a Meteorologist with AccuWeather, stated that, “flooding rainfall will return to southeastern Texas and Louisiana this weekend due to this plume of moisture.”

The weather service in Houston forecasted that, “through Wednesday, widespread rainfall totals could easily average 6 to 8 inches with some amounts exceeding 10 inches.”

The forecast left little doubt that there would be more dangerous flooding in the area.

Harris County Emergency Management explained that the flooding rains could be even worse than expected. They extended a warning to their residents.

“While high winds and even tornadoes are possible, already wet grounds mean that even a moderate amount of rain will likely cause street flooding. Bayous and rivers could go out of banks quickly creating a serious threat to life and property.”

Texas is not the only state affected. Shreveport in Louisiana has experienced flooding lately and other areas lining the Red River are being forced to evacuate because of how high the water is. Many residents are already suffering through flooding in their homes.

“Any more rainfall in this area will lead to more flooding problems given how swollen area rivers and streams are already,” said Richards.

Jennifer Gray, a CNN Meteorologist, added that, “a lot of moisture will be pumping into Louisiana as well. As the storm moves north, flooding near the Red River — which is already swollen to its limits — will be just as much a concern.”

Gray went on to add that Texas has dealt with this severe weather for a while now.

“This could be the second major flooding event for Texas in less than a month,” said Gray. “This disturbance will move over portions of Texas that are already so saturated…more flash flooding will be a concern.”

[ Image courtesy of Drew Anthony Smith/Getty Images ]