'Big Brother 17': Eviction On The Premiere Episode?

Big Brother 17 gets underway in less than two weeks. That means television streams are getting their episode descriptions ready, and some outlets are already displaying information about the first installment. In what should be a benign summary might be a spoiler from the new season.

One Twitter user sent out a screenshot that may reveal there will be an eviction at the end of the two-night premiere.

An eviction so early on would not be unprecedented. In Big Brother 14, contestant Jodi Rollins spent a mere eight hours in the house before participating in the first exit interview of the season. On this Spring's Big Brother Canada 3, all contestants were made head of household the first night and had to nominate evictees. Those with the most votes went on the block, and viewers ultimately chose who went home.

However, some Big Brother bloggers have questioned whether the posted description is correct. Big Brother Network blogger Matthew Boyer noted he could not find the description anywhere, meaning it's either inaccurate, old, or true, but only posted in a few locations.

If the eviction does happen, it doesn't mean that player is gone for the season. Frequently, Big Brother seasons have brought back evicted house guests for a chance to compete to get back into the game. In Big Brother Canada 3, first-week evictee Risha and four other evicted houseguests competed to return. Sindy eventually earned her way back into the game. In Big Brother 15, Judd won the right to reenter the house after his eviction.

As the Twitter user mentioned, it is also possible that, if the premiere does include an eviction, it's possible the show will film an entire week before going to broadcast. Julie Chen recently told Twitter followers she was back at work on the Big Brother set. Her tweet came Friday, which is more than enough time to film a lot of Big Brother action before the premiere.

Chen also teased the draft script of the premiere episode to her fans on social media. The script, like the television promos for the series, referred to "new" house guests, implying that this will not be an "All Stars" season.

Big Brother 17 airs its two-night premiere episode June 24 and 25 on CBS.

[Image courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter]