Woman Funds Free Laundry Events For Those Who Can’t Afford Washing Clothes

Doing laundry is not what many would consider to be a luxury, but thousands of people don’t have a washing machine at home or the money to use a laundromat. A formerly single mother is trying to change that with free laundromat events for those in need.

For The Love Of Laundry is a charitable group started by the mother of three in London, Ontario. Along with her husband, Melissa Power helps low income families meet the basic need of clean clothes, through free laundry events, her website says.

Power struggled for this particular luxury — that many take for granted — and has always enjoyed helping people.

“We sell our homemade laundry soap at markets and stores around London, and with the proceeds from our sales, we pay laundromats to open their machines for a few hours once a month. Those in need can wash their clothes without any barriers at our events. They can use our homemade laundry soap for free, grab a free cup of coffee and some snacks while they do their laundry.”

“Our goal is to have 1 event per month, and we are well on our way to achieving that goal!”

The woman decided to help people who can’t afford to do their laundry because of her own experiences. Power told the Huffington Post she had a hard time making ends meet, so clean clothes was a luxury for her and her kids.

“Fast forward many years later, that memory never went away. I wanted to help others in that same situation.” the young mom said in an email.

Powers was trying to save the family some money and started making her own natural laundry soap, which turned into that and so much more. When she had leftover soap she donated it to social service agencies in her town.

“But I soon came to realize that if you can’t afford to go to the laundromat, having free laundry soap doesn’t make any sense.” the young woman said and that’s when she decided to sell her laundry soap to local grocery stores.

With the proceeds, Power began paying laundromats in exchange for them allowing people to use their machines for free. In addition, the woman says the free laundry events help those who use the service feel a part of the community.

Not being able to do her laundry was something Power never quite forgot and she wants to do all she can to help others, who may be struggling to support their families.

“One mom told me that with the money she saved, she can finally take her kids out for dinner, something she’s never been able to do before,” the Canadian mom said.

[Image via For The Love of Laundry/Facebook]