Scott Disick Bails On Chairty Event, Too Much Booze Or Too Many Cops?

If you are a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons star Scott Disick, don’t fret — you aren’t stuck in a time warp. The self-styled Lord Disick is back on the club hosting scene, and by all accounts, he shouldn’t be. RadarOnline reports that Disick is up to his old, drunken tricks.

It seems that on June 6, Disick was scheduled to attend a charity meet-and-greet at the Time Supper Club in Montreal. Disick didn’t show up until well past midnight. When Disick and his entourage finally appeared, they moved straight to the V.I.P section where, according to sources, Disick drowned his sorrows in vodka shots and beer chasers. After about an hour, Disick disappeared.

“He seemed edgy and annoyed and kept moving from place to place, requesting to switch tables every 20 minutes. He literally couldn’t sit still.”

Since Disick never actually met with anyone, the charity organizers were forced to issue full refunds. Disick, however, apparently kept his five-figure appearance fee.

Scott Disick. A botched meet-and-greet. Drunk antics. Sound familiar?

To be fair, Disick never curbed his party hosting duties, but the Montreal incident was the first time Disick has been publicly drunk since his March rehab stint. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, source close to the Kardashian family say that attempts to get Disick to return to rehab never stopped, but he’d been resisting them. According to the source, Disick thinks his drinking is under control.

Of course, Disick hasn’t acknowledged the Montreal gaffe on any of his social media accounts, but then again, he never does. Instead, Disick promoted his appearance at the Mirage Casino’s 10ak nightclub in Las Vegas.

Disick’s silence hasn’t stopped the small media frenzy. After the latest botched appearance, even the most dedicated Scott Disick fan must be shaking their head.

Past behavior aside, the story of Disick’s drunken antics may be overblown, at least this time. Several amateur and professional videos of the event have been posted, and Scott Disick doesn’t appear drunk in any of them.

Thierry Havitov, the marketing director of Time Supper Club, blamed Disick’s late appearance for the cancelled meet-and-greet, but Havitoc actually never accused him of showing up drunk. Instead, Havitov blamed the cancellation on security. Basically, by the time Disick arrived, the club was full, and there was nowhere for the meet-and-greet to happen.

In fact, Havitov seems less angry about Disick’s late arrival and more eager to spin the publicity into increased charity donations. That’s understandable, since police raids over the weekend reportedly left the Time Supper Club with $30,000 in unpaid tabs when patrons slipped out.

So for once, maybe Scott Disick’s behavior isn’t as bad as it seems.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images]