June 14, 2015
Fox News Host Bill O'Reilly Kills Megyn Kelly In Ratings

Last week, thanks to her interview with the Duggar family, Megyn Kelly inched closer to Bill O'Reilly in the overall ratings. According to Zap2it, Megyn Kelly attracted an average of 2.33 million viewers a night, while O'Reilly averaged 2.57 million viewers a night. Even though Kelly's interview with the Duggars was a ratings win, it was also a ratings loss.

Even though NPR is a left-leaning organization that usually criticizes Fox News, their television critic Eric Deggans said what a lot of others thought about the interview.

"It seemed to be pretty much about helping the Duggars salvage their brand rather than getting to the bottom of what happened in this family. She wasn't particularly incisive and she didn't push the Duggars on issues that I think are at the heart of this — why they waited so long to go to law enforcement, why they took all these unofficial avenues to get their children help."

This week, Megyn Kelly scored an average of 1.88 million viewers a night while Bill O'Reilly averaged 2.41 million viewers. Even though O'Reilly handily beat Kelly, both numbers are still outstanding, especially when compared to other cable news personalities.

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC has an average of 748,000 viewers a night. She has been remaining stable, so there is nothing to worry about here. However, CNN's Anderson Cooper's show is, once again, on death row with 530,000 viewers a night.

Perhaps the reason Bill O'Reilly is still leading the pack is because he is unafraid to talk about topics others may consider too politically incorrect. On Wednesday evening, O'Reilly talked about the disrespect young people have towards authority, especially police officers.

"First, the nation's police officers have been so demonized by zealots in the liberal media that some on the job are tentative. Secondly, that young people in America, especially teenagers, now have a defiance toward authority not seen since the Vietnam days."

O'Reilly goes on to note that a lot of this has to do with children not having guidance in the home.

"If an American child does not have guidance and supervision in the home, there is a good chance that kid will get involved with antisocial behavior quickly. So, for police authorities, things are not good out on the street across the country right now."

However, many on the left say Bill O'Reilly doesn't have the right to talk about "family values," especially since he has been accused of sexually harassing a co-worker and beating his wife. No matter how much the left accuses Bill O'Reilly of being a hypocrite, he always comes out as the winner.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic / Stringer (for Getty Images)]