Shows Cancelled: Foo Fighters Cancel Two Sweden Shows Due To Dave Grohl’s Leg Break

The Foo Fighters had two shows cancelled because of an injury lead singer Dave Grohl sustained. He did, however, gallantly finish the show where he broke his leg.

Time Magazine is reporting that while performing at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden, during the second song, Grohl fell off the stage and suffered an injury. While nothing definite has been reported, Grohl did at least suffer one fracture to his right leg. There was a fear that organizers would have this show cancelled due to the injury.

Foo Fighters published a statement to their website.

“As witnessed by tens of thousands in attendance at Foo Fighters’ June 12 show at Ullevi Stadium, Dave Grohl took a nasty spill during the second song of the set. With the help of on-site medical staff who patched him up temporarily, Dave was able to rejoin the band to complete that performance. While the full extent of Dave’s injuries are still being determined, it was confirmed at a post-show hospital visit that he sustained at least one fracture.”

Foo Fighters have now officially had their next two shows cancelled: their June 14 appearance at the Pinkpop Festival in Landgraaf, Netherlands, and June 16 concert at the AFG Arena in Saint Gallen, Switzerland. It is possible that Foo Fighters may have more shows cancelled due to Grohl’s injury.

shows cancelled
X-ray showing where Dave Grohl's leg broke during the concert in Sweden

The Daily Mail is reporting that Grohl, 46, was able to have his leg tended to backstage, enough to where Grohl could finish the Ullevi concert. Immediately after suffering the injury, Grohl spoke to the crowd, hoping to quell the crowd and not have this show cancelled.

“Hey, ladies and gentlemen, I love you too motherf******. Now look I think I just broke my leg. I think I really broke (my) leg.

“So look, you have my promise, right now, that the Foo Fighters, we’re gonna come back and finish the show,” hoping Foo Fighters would not have this show cancelled, as well.

“Ladies and gentlemen, right now I’m gonna go to the hospital. I’m gonna fix my leg.”

He then implored drummer Taylor Hawkins to continue with the show while Grohl was tended to, telling him, “You gotta do it.”

Moments later, Grohl was taken backstage and fitted with a temporary cast. Grohl then came back onstage with the use of crutches and remained seated for the rest of the concert. There would be no shows cancelled here.

This does, however, pose a possible problem for the next three Foo Fighters shows, all in England. The Wembley, England, website posted a statement.

“We are aware of the incident last night involving Dave Grohl and are in contact with the event organisers, who at this stage have no further information. As soon as we have news from the artiste this will be made public.”

If Grohl needs further rest, there would, of course, have to be more shows cancelled.

[Images courtesy of the Daily Mail]