WWE News: Triple H Addresses Domestic Violence Claims Made From Former WWE Diva Chyna

Former WWE Diva Chyna has been in some weird situations as of late. Not only has she gotten involved with adult films, but she has been throwing out random claims for no apparent reason. Most of it is seemingly to stay in the limelight. Most would assume that she has to be on something, but it is unknown how true that is. What is true is that Chyna seems to be lying — a lot.

Chyna recently appeared on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show, where she spoke about various things such as Triple H hitting her, and even accused X-Pac of rape. Sean Waltman(X-Pac) decided to call in and defend himself. He claimed as follows.

“All I’m speaking is the truth and you’re full of s***. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a d***, but I’m trying to mend fences and you keep spewing these f***ing lies. And Hunter never hit you. Hunter never hit you. You told me he just pushed you out of the way because you were all up in his face and trying to get him to hit you. When you make up bull*** lies about people abusing you and about people raping you, you do not represent people who have been abused. You are a fraud if you think that you represent women who have been abused. I advocate people who have been sexually abused and I’ve never abused anybody in my life.”

Waltman was not alone in his defense. WWE Executive Triple H also defended himself against these claims via the WWE Publicity Manager Joe Villa, saying as follows.

“The false statements and reckless allegations Joan Laurer (aka Chyna) continues to make about a physical dispute are a complete fabrication. As I’ve said in the past, while Joan has had significant struggles in life, this does not justify making such claims.”

Triple H and Chyna were in a relationship a very long time ago, but broke up. Triple H ended up with Stephanie McMahon, and Chyna has held a grudge against them both for years. Chyna ended up leaving WWE over more than just Triple H. However, many believe it was a major factor in her leaving. She was the Women’s Champion at the time, and never dropped the championship before leaving. She officially left in November of 2001, months after she was taken off TV.

Jim Ross claimed that Chyna ended up leaving for “personal reasons.”

Chyna claims that she had a meeting with WWE boss Vince McMahon about the Stephanie situation, then was sent home and got a fax telling her that she wasn’t needed in WWE anymore. This claim was just recent, which makes you wonder how true it is.

She will most likely continue to blast WWE and Triple H whenever she has the opportunity. The truth behind the claims, however, is that she seems to be telling lies more than truth.

[IMG Credit: Uproxx]