Kathie Lee Gifford Daughter: Horror Film With Cassidy Praised By Kris As Kathie Contrasts Caitlyn Jenner, Frank [Video]

Kathie Lee Gifford’s daughter is spooking fans in a horror film. Cassidy Gifford got props from Kris Jenner on social media for her role in The Gallows, reported Us Weekly.

Jenner encouraged everyone to follow Cassidy, with the 59-year-old Kardashians matriarch assuming a motherly attitude toward Kathie Lee’s daughter.

“Hey beauties!!! Follow my niece @cassidygiff she is amazing and her new movie comes out July 10th!!!! Annndddd you’re welcome!!!!! #family #love #beautiful #proudmama xoxoxoxoxo.”

The Gallows resembles The Blair Witch Project, with Gifford at 21 weeping as a noose rests scarily on her neck.

Kathie Lee admitted that she was scared when she viewed the trailer of her daughter.

“Terrified 2 see!” summed up Gifford.

As for the connection among Kathie Lee, her daughter, and Kris Jenner, Gifford revealed on the Today show that she has been friends with the Jenner family for more than three decades.

“I loved Bruce — and I still love Bruce — and I’m going to learn to love Caitlyn,” stated Kathie Lee. “I’ve only spoken to her, but I have not been in a room with her. That being that God created was not a mistake, and God loves that person however she sees herself.”

And Gifford urged others to support the Jenner and Kardashian daughters and sons during Caitlyn’s transition.

“You can celebrate one person’s triumph and also be aware that it’s something that other people are dealing with very uniquely and differently, privately, in their own ways,” stated Kathie Lee.

But Gifford also admitted that she never saw it coming. In describing just how shocked she felt, she compared Caitlyn to her husband Frank.

“I never saw this coming, I’ve got to tell you,” confessed Kathie Lee. “It would have shocked me as much if [my husband] Frank had told me [the same thing].”

However, Gifford also emphasized that she’s sought for empathy and love.

“The way you do, ultimately, is when you put love first, and try to put yourself in someone else’s high heels, I suppose. Friends love you through thick and thin, or else they’re not a friend and you need to find a different word to use [for them].”

As the Inquisitr reported, one of Caitlyn Jenner’s plastic surgeons emphasized that he feels Jenner is providing the world with a new view on what it means to be transgender.

“It was an honor. This is a cultural milestone for transgender patients. This enables other transgender patients to be better accepted and enables society to better understand what they go through. She has just been a tremendous asset for the transgender community, building better understanding of what transgender people go through psychologically, the difficulty of living with this secret – one of the ultimate secrets you can keep.”

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]