Flesh Eating Bacteria: Florida Department Of Health Says It's OK To Visit Beaches

Following several reports about the spread of the rare and deadly flesh eating bacteria across beaches in Florida, the Florida Department Of Health has come forward to clear doubts about the dreaded infection. In a press release, they claimed that several media reports about the spread of the flesh-eating bacteria in Florida "contained inaccuracies" and that the risk posed by the bacteria only applies to only a few people and not the general population.

According to the press release, flesh-eating bacteria (also known as Vibrio Vulnificus) can only infect people who have open wounds and cuts on their bodies. The bacteria does not pose any threat whatsoever to healthy people who wish to have a good time in the warm waters of the Florida coast, the release added.

According to Morning Ticker, the flesh-eating bacteria is a naturally occurring bacterium that is often found in the warm, brackish sea water. So far, in 2014, there have been reports of eight infections caused by these bacteria. Only two deaths have been reported. Last year, the same bacteria claimed the lives of eight people -- while a total of 32 infections were reported.

The press release adds as follows.

  • The bacterium does not pose a risk to a normally healthy person (who does not have open cuts or wounds) who swims in Florida's coastal waters.
  • Vibrio vulnificus infections are rare.
  • Florida's beaches and water are safe to enjoy responsibly—risk of infection is minimal if you take proper precautions.
In case you live in Florida or are planning to visit one of the beaches in the state, you might want to ensure that you do not have any open cuts or wounds on your body. Also, avoid the consumption of raw or undercooked shellfish. If you take some of these precautions, you can be pretty much be assured that the deadly flesh-eating bacteria stands no chance to infect you or your loved ones.

It is believed that the press release by the Florida Department Of Health would go a long way in allaying all misconceptions regarding flesh-eating bacteria.

Are you still worried about being infected by this bacteria?

[Image via The Doctor's Channel]