Watch Huge Pod Of Dolphins Swimming In Table Bay, Cape Town [Video]

Two guys were out in a motor boat close to Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, when an amazing thing happened. They saw a pod of dolphins swimming towards them — literally hundreds of dolphins.

In fact, their boat was eventually quite literally surrounded by the pod of dolphins. The camera pans to show us amazing views of Table Mountain in Cape Town, with the huge dolphin pod swimming in the foreground.

The guys could hardly believe their luck to experience such an exciting encounter with the pod of dolphins. The dolphins even swim alongside their motor boat as they try to keep up with them.


According to Iafrica, there is very little information available about the two men and their adventure with the pod of dolphins, but the video was uploaded to YouTube by Robbie Ragless, showing their boat with the dolphins swimming all around them, and there is some information in the description, saying the dolphins were chasing bait fish and more in the comments below the video.

When asked in a comment on the video why the men started up their boat again, Ragless explained that they wanted to extend the adventure.

“We waited for the dolphins to pass through us and only then start up our engines. We then went alongside the pod and due to the playful nature of these amazing animals, they went under the boat, in the wake, in the front…

They are super intelligent creatures and control the space they are swimming in. No dolphins were harmed during the making of this film, only entertained. :)..”

Another comment mentions that the pod of dolphins are, apparently, Haviside’s dolphins.

The experience with the pod of dolphins happened close to Robben Island, the infamous island prison of Nelson Mandela for so many years. Robben Island is now both a South African National Heritage Site as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, it is unlikely that Mandela ever saw such an amazing vista during the 18 years spent on the island, part of the 27 years he was imprisoned before the fall of apartheid.

There are several dolphin watching boat cruises on offer from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, but again, rarely has such a magnificent sight such as this huge pod of dolphins been seen on any organized boat tour.

In other, rather sadder, dolphin news, the Inquisitr recently reported the story of polar bears in Norway who were seen to be killing and eating dolphins that had become trapped under the ice because the water was unusually warm. One polar bear had apparently caught two and stored one of the carcasses under the snow for later consumption.

[Images: Screen grab from YouTube video]