‘GTA V’ PC Gamers Can Now Fly Around Los Santos On A Jetpack

As much fun as players have had jumping out of planes and parachuting back to earth in Grand Theft Auto V, many have been begging for Rockstar to add a jetpack to the game, giving players freedom to fly all over the map in style.

Now, thanks to a new GTA V mod, PC players can do just that. The mod, created by modder JulioNIB, gives players the freedom to fly, cruise, and hover over GTA’s Los Santos in style. The GTA mod may make escaping police in-game a little too easy for some, considering they can now just fly away from the trouble, but if nothing else, gamers may enjoy cruising around the city and taking in the sights from angles that were previously unavailable without an aircraft.

Mods have added a lot of variety to the single-player version of GTA V. While Rockstar is carefully watching any mods that may affect GTA Online, the base game itself has seen many player-created tweaks. From new weapons, outfits, and graphics mods, to now being able to fly around in a jetpack, GTA V is a sandbox game that gives players the freedom to do just about anything. While console versions of GTA V do not allow mods, the PC version (which was also the last version of the game to be released) has inspired players to look back at previous GTA games for mod ideas. The jetpack itself was included in the retail release of GTA San Andreas in 2005. Similarly, one modder recently recreated Liberty City, the New York-themed metropolis featured in GTA IV.

Rockstar recently released the first of its two-part expansion for GTA Online titled “Ill-Gotten Gains” last week, but many gamers were disappointed by its limitations. The update featured new clothes, weapons, cars, and even solid gold airplanes and helicopters to GTA Online, but did not include any new missions or heists.

While modders are free to create and implement mods to the single player version of GTA V, Rockstar is keeping a careful eye on the community to ensure that no unfair advantages are implemented in GTA Online.

“Our primary focus is on protecting GTA Online against modifications that could give players an unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing.”

GTA V for PC can be purchased with a Shark Card, a DLC item that provides in-game cash, at a discount in Steam’s Summer Sale right now.

[Image via GTA V PC NIB Mods]