Harry Styles Romances Plastic Woman, Bra Model, And Fleetwood Mac?

If you are a Harry Styles fan and are currently uncertain about his love life — you are not alone.

Harry Styles was at a show in Cardiff and at the Summertime Ball over the first weekend of June — and then immediately flew to New York City from Austria.

It is rumored that Harry Styles was hanging out with his old high school prom date, Lydia Cole, but this did not turn out to be a romantic encounter. Instead, Harry Styles got reacquainted with Lydia Cole in Cardiff when she surprised him backstage at the One Direction show.

The Mirror also reported that a few hours after Harry Styles finished playing a show in Vienna, Austria, he flew to New York City. Starting on Thursday, Harry Styles spent a couple of days there but was due to play another One Direction show in Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday.

What was so important in New York City that Harry Styles only needed to spend about 48 hours there? The Mirror states that Harry Styles was in New York City to enjoy a night out on the town with friends, but there was more to this story.

The Daily Mail U.K. says that Harry Styles was seen kissing a Portuguese Victoria’s Secret model named Sara Sampaio. Allegedly, Harry Styles and this lady friend “spent the night together in a New York hotel” after partying the evening before.

Harry Styles and Sara Sampaio checked in at the Ludlow Hotel in Manhattan on Thursday night, and Sara was seen leaving alone without Harry Styles at about noon on Friday. Sara was also wearing the same clothes on Friday when she left the hotel that she wore while partying with Harry Styles the night before.

The Sun states (via the Daily Mail) that an insider sources said, “There was definitely chemistry there as [Harry Styles and Sara Sampaio] hugged and kissed each other when she left but everyone thinks something was up as she came back and they left so soon after each other the next morning.”

Was Harry Styles feeling elated after the trip to New York City? Judging from his unique performance in Belgium after his New York City partying, it may appear to fans that Harry Styles has gone wild.

Following New York City, Harry Styles was next seen doing a sexy dance with a plastic doll. Was this an incident where Harry Styles was at a bachelor party — or is he interested in mannequins for romantic reasons?

The Mirror states the large plastic doll appeared with Harry Styles on stage in Belgium on Saturday. About the incident, they state the following.

“We imagine most of the tweens in the audience simply thought it was a fun inflatable man but [Harry Styles] will have had a giggle with this one… footage from the concert shows [Harry Styles] grabbing hold of the blow-up doll after it is passed to him by a fan and he just can’t let it go.”

They report that Harry Styles was hooked on the plastic doll for over a minute and he gazed lovingly into the doll’s eyes while waltzing to One Direction’s “You and I.”

The audience loved seeing Harry Styles act silly with the plastic doll, but are there any other real possibilities for love in Harry Styles’ life?

Music Times reports that Harry Styles’ next girlfriend may be jealous about his relationship with Fleetwood Mac. Not only is Harry Styles a regular pen pal of drummer Mick Fleetwood, but Harry also gave Stevie Nicks a birthday cake on stage at One Direction’s London show.

Interestingly, Music Times also noted that Harry Styles’ favorite Fleetwood Mac album is Rumors — which is all we have to rely on in mid-June for who the next love in Harry Styles’ life will be.

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