Louis Tomlinson ‘X-Factor’ Bets Are Off — Will New Wagers Emerge?

Louis Tomlinson has been part of long-standing betting pools in his home country — and it looks like some of the long-awaited answers are finally here. Unfortunately for U.K. bettors (or punters), those who placed their faith that Louis Tomlinson would join the X-Factor as a judge were mistaken.

However, can we expect more Louis Tomlinson bets in the near future? After all, Louis Tomlinson or One Direction are an ongoing focus of online U.K. betting.

In the U.K., betting is not just limited to sports like it is in America — and anyone can bet on anything online. In order to gain more customers, humorous bets (also called novelty bets) about the careers or personal lives of Louis Tomlinson and One Direction are common for online U.K. gambling websites.

For example, Louis Tomlinson was placed in a bet by Paddy Power, an online gambling operation in England. Paddy Power posted on Twitter their statistics about who would quit One Direction first in late February 2014. Their odds put Louis Tomlinson at 6/1.

Paddy Power also had an ongoing bet about which member of One Direction would quit Twitter first — and Louis Tomlinson is still 3/1.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Louis Tomlinson was also a part of the bets for X-Factor replacement speculations. When Louis Walsh quit, fans were sure that Louis Tomlinson would replace him — and they put their money on it.

Sadly, news in mid-June shows that opponents of Louis Tomlinson were right all along — and this means that Louis Tomlinson supporters lost their bet.

UnReality TV reports the following on June 14.

“The official announcement about who will be on The X-Factor judging panel this year is expected any day now, given that filming for the show’s new run is imminent… Ronan Keating [has placed his hat in the ring]… Nick Grimshaw and… Rita Ora have been hotly tipped to be most likely to replace Louis Walsh and Mel B… However, both have categorically ruled out joining the show’s judging panel this year, as have One Direction stars Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan…”

Now that there is officially nothing more to the X-Factor bet as far as Louis Tomlinson is concerned, will there be any bets for Louis Tomlinson in 2015?

In 2013, there were bets for Louis Tomlinson that excluded One Direction. Those bets, hosted by Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, were focused on Louis Tomlinson as a soccer player for the Doncaster Rovers team.

For instance, when Louis Tomlinson got injured, the Star reported the following.

“[P]unters have been flocking to pile money on [Louis Tomlinson] leaving the pitch injured – with some bookies offering odds as generous as 40-1 in the match ending in disaster for the singer. It comes after [Louis Tomlinson] was forced to cancel his appearance in an earlier Rovers’ reserve fixture against Scunthorpe United…”

Will Louis Tomlinson be working with the Doncaster Rovers in 2015 and therefore be the subject of U.K. novelty bets? As it appears, despite being signed on with a no-contract basis, Louis Tomlinson was playing with the Doncaster Rovers as late as April 20, according to the Mirror.

While it appears from the wording of “no-contract basis” that Louis Tomlinson has no commitment to play any games with the Doncaster Rovers if he chooses — he was seen playing with the team in late April — this is a promising sign Louis Tomlinson may have more football games coming up in 2015.

In other words, do not be surprised if you see that Louis Tomlinson is being bet on in 2015 — without any mention of the rest of One Direction. Currently, Odds Checker states that there are Louis Tomlinson sports-related bets (for U.K. citizens only) being hosted that are based on future events.

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