Rolf Harris: Convicted Child Molester Composes Song Ridiculing His Abuse Victims From Prison Cell

Rolf Harris, once a popular TV personality and musician in Great Britain, was convicted last year on 12 counts of indecent assault on a string of mostly underage girls — including one who was only seven years old when he sexually groped her as she asked for his autograph, and another who was 15 when Harris abused her three times in a single day.

At his trial prosecutors also charged Harris with “grooming” one 13-year-old girl for sexual purposes, to use as “his little toy.”

The now 85-year-old formerly beloved entertainer — who hosted several children’s shows on British television — was sentenced to a six-year term in England’s Stafford Prison, where he now sits, planning, he has said, to return to his native Australia to spend whatever is left of his life.

But his sentencing judge excoriated Harris for displaying no remorse for his crimes against children — and the longtime fixture on British TV now seems to have proven that judge correct, using his creative talents to pen the lyrics to a song in his prison cell – a little ditty that mocks and insults his victims.

In his career, Harris released more than 30 albums and almost 50 singles. But the nauseating words to his latest song were contained in a letter sent by Harris from prison to a close friend — but the recipient, who was not named publicly, became so sickened by Harris’ unrepentant contempt for the women he abused that the friend handed the letter to authorities.

In the song lyrics, which Harris told the friend that he plans to set to a country-rock melody “with a heavy back beat,” the convicted pedophile sneers at his now-grown victims, calling them greedy “wenches” and “woodworms” whose only motive is to take his money.

“Perhaps you believe you’re pretty still, some perfumed sultry wench?” he wrote to one unspecified victim in the song. “Make him burn, burn, burn. Come and join the feeding frenzy, girls.”

“Climb out of the woodwork babe from 40 years ago / The climate’s great in Britain now for making loads of dough,” he writes in other lyrics to the repugnant tune. “You’ve festered down there long enough, time’s right to grab your chance / Clap eyes on a rich celebrity and make the bastard dance.”

“I’m totally revolted by what he has written,” one of the Rolf Harris victims, who remained anonymous, told the British media Saturday. “He has shown no remorse and continues to think he can treat his victims like dirt.”

[Image: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]