How To Watch 'Game Of Thrones' Finale Live Online Free: Will Season 5 Wrap Up Dangling Plotlines?

Game of Thrones fans can watch the Season 5 finale live online for free to learn the fates of the show's most popular characters — or at least, their fates for now, with two more seasons of the hit HBO sword-and-sorcery fantasy series remaining to wrap up all of the loose ends.

For information on how to watch the Season 5 Game of Thrones finale live online — including how to watch free and legally — see the bottom of this article. The episode, titled "Mother's Mercy," will stream in real time at 9 p.m. United States Eastern Time, 6 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, June 14. Legal streaming services will archive the episode for later viewing as well.

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones Season 5 left a staggering number of questions dangling, so if you have not yet watched Episode 9, be aware that by reading further, you will be exposed to spoilers for that episode.

Among the most pressing answers that Game of Thrones addicts crave has to be whether or not we can finally get rid of that sadistic freak Ramsay Bolton. Not only did the former Ramsay Snow gleefully torture Theon Greyjoy to the point of stripping him of his identity and his manhood — literally — this season he brutally raped Sansa Stark, in one of the series' most controversial scenes.

The fates of the characters as spelled out in the series of novels, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, are no longer a source of spoilers or guide to the fates of the characters. In Season 5 the Game of Thrones producers showed a brazen willingness to twist and alter Martin's plotlines and as the series continues, to move into uncharted territory of stories that the books have not yet covered.

So will Ramsay finally meet a well-deserved horrible end? Or does his reign of terror march on unabated?

And what about Stannis Baratheon? In Episode 9 he took the advice of his rather questionable spiritual adviser and sometime lover Melisandre and sacrificed his own daughter Shireen, burning her alive at the stake.

The idea was that the Lord Of Light would now clear his path for another assault on King's Landing. But will the mysterious god make good on his promise? Or was Melisandre completely steering Stannis down the wrong path, even though it's a path from which he can now never return?

Those are just a couple of the questions that Game of Thrones fans hope will be addressed in the Season 5 finale. The best way to watch the episode live online for free is to sign up for the one-week free trial of HBO Now, the new standalone streaming service from HBO.

That offer may be accessed at this link, and cancelled within seven days for those who do not wish to view HBO through the HBO Now app — which can be downloaded through the iTunes Store for mobile devices, and on the Apple TV set-top box to watch on a full-size TV screen.

Fans who have login credentials to a cable of satellite service with an HBO subscription can also watch the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale online via HBO GO at this link, or on mobile devices with the HBO GO app. Unlike HBO Now, HBO Go is available on a variety of set-top streaming devices, such as the Roku, XBox, or Amazon Fire TV, among others. The HBO GO stream usually becomes available just a few minutes after the TV broadcast time.

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