See Michael Clifford’s Hair On Fire: 5 Seconds Of Summer Star Injured By Pyrotechnics Display [Video]

Michael Clifford’s summer just got a little too hot — the 5 Seconds of Summer singer was so excited to be performing at Wembley Arena in London that he walked right into a pyrotechnics display. His hair caught on fire, and he couldn’t finish the show.

According to MTV News, 5 Seconds of Summer was performing “She’s So Perfect” when Michael Clifford barbecued his perfect punk hair by walking into a pyrotechnics display. His hair caught on fire, and his head was burned. In the fan video of the incident below, Michael stands too close to a blast of flames shooting up from the stage, and a large plume of smoke can be seen coming off of his head. The injured singer scrambles to get off the stage while attempting to smother the fire near his face.

A second video provides a closer view of the incident, and it looks like the flame doesn’t just catch Michael’s hair on fire — it also hits him directly in the face.

Ashton Irwin later informed concertgoers that Michael Clifford’s injuries were severe enough that he wouldn’t be able to continue performing, and the band’s fans were quick to express their concern on social media. According to CNN, #GETWELLSOONMICHAEL became a trending topic on Twitter after news of his accident spread.

Luckily for worried 5SOS fans, Michael didn’t make them fret about the status of his face for too long. Shortly after the scary incident, the singer tweeted an update on the status of his singed skin, and he was in good enough spirits to make a joke about resembling a Batman villain.

Michael Clifford Hair On Fire

Two of Michael’s three bandmates also tweeted about his unfortunate incident. Calum Hood made it sound like his BFF was in very bad shape backstage.

In the past, 5 Seconds of Summer fans have expressed some fear that Michael Clifford’s hair follicles were in serious peril. However, they weren’t worried about the possibility of the “Amnesia” singer going bald by burning his hair off. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some 5SOS fans think that Michael is destroying his scalp by dying his hair too much. Now it looks like Clifford hurt his head badly enough that he’s going to have to lay off of the hair dye for quite a while.

Sadly, Michael Clifford’s fried hair and face bandages are making him feel just a bit insecure.

Once Michael Clifford has healed, maybe he should consider dying his hair orange and red — he could tell the pyrotechnics guys that his head already looks like it’s on fire, so they don’t need to try lighting him up.

[Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty]