Zayn Malik, Sister Enter Fashion World: ‘Hottie’ Vote Opens

Are we about to see Zayn Malik on television saying, “nothing comes between me and my Calvin’s”? While Zayn Malik has not signed a deal with Calvin Klein yet, insiders say that he is looking for a fashion endorsement of some kind — and his sister is hot on his heels.

Zayn Malik has been changing his hair color a lot lately, but maybe it is a sign that he is entering a new era of his post-One Direction solo career. Interestingly, Zayn Malik’s sister may have been paving the way for him for awhile.

Mirror reported on June 14 that Zayn Malik is “keen to secure an endorsement deal with a huge fashion brand.”

An insider source then went on to say that Zayn Malik has always been “very creative.” However, this insider says Zayn Malik is more likely to get what he wants in the fashion world because during his One Direction days he “tried out various looks and styles.”

Allegedly this has “led to interest from top fashion houses” for Zayn Malik — and it does not appear to end there.

Quoted by the Mirror, an insider source that spoke with the Sun filled in the gaps about what exactly Zayn Malik is looking for. They stated, “fashion could be more than just a side project. The long-term aim could be to potentially earn a big-money endorsement deal with a huge fashion brand.”

To get the deal, the insider source reveals to the Sun, via International Business Times, that, “They want [Zayn Malik] to make a cameo, which won’t require much acting but will see him in a grown-up light among some great A-list company. They also want to maintain [Zayn Malik’s] profile in America.”

Could Zayn Malik simply be following his sister’s lead? Doniya is Zayn Malik’s older sister, and her beauty blog was recently covered by the Daily Mail.

In that interview, Zayn Malik’s sister talked a lot about her relationship with Perrie Edwards — but she also spoke about her passion for fashion world as a blogger.

Doniya Malik says, “I’ve always been into makeup, from a young age I’ve been creative and artistic and I’m a YouTube junkie so I get all my tips and tricks from there.”

Started in February 2015, her Malik Fashion and Beauty blog has beauty tips and photos of Zayn Malik’s older sister wearing new makeup trends. There are also several blog entries of Doniya trying out new fashion — and she shows that Zayn Malik is not the only stylish one in the family.

In the end, true Zayn Malik fans should not be surprised to find that he is turning his sights toward the fashion world. The Guardian recently covered Zayn Malik’s most fashionable moments — and the Teen Choice Awards also has a fashion category for him.

Reveal reports that Zayn Malik fans can officially vote for him in the 2015 Teen Choice Awards for “Fashion Choice Male Hottie.” If Zayn Malik wins, it will be announced on August 16.

To vote for Zayn Malik, go to the voting page for the Teen Choice Awards.

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