Wiz Khalifa Plays Batman

Wiz Khalifa is one hip-hop artist on a roll, having had his song (ft. Charlie Puth), “See You Again,” top the Billboard Top 100 list for the eighth week now.

It is currently the number one radio song in the United States, receiving over 171 million impressions, and the second in Digital Songs, translating to 158,000 in sales.

It also comes second in streaming, boasting some 21.4 million streams worldwide, having broken Spotify’s record of the most streams in 24 hours with a solid 4.2 million.

The song and Wiz Khalifa’s new, slower style of rapping are said to be some of the main contributors to his current success, as the Guardian explains.

“By the time of its [Blacc Hollywood‘s]release last August, Khalifa’s tatted-up face had become a tabloid mainstay, considering he’d moved to Los Angeles, and married and had a son with Kanye’s ex Amber Rose. This notoriety, combined with the fact that he was rapping slower and more deliberately – he sounds completely different than early in his career – has helped him secure his perch atop the rap pile.”

The aforementioned elements are also said to have helped Wiz Khalifa stay relevant enough to continue representing Converse, the manufacturers of the popular Chuck Taylor All-Stars. The company offered Wiz Khalifa the first deal in 2013.

This was his tweet at the time.

“FInally got my converse deal!!! Im f****n amped! I did an add for my boys but this s**t here is MAJOR.”

That said, Wiz Khalifa has had a busy week touring together with the Fall Out Boy pop rock band.

While many wondered whether it was possible to consolidate fans of the two distinctly different artists and corresponding genres, the strategy has so far been successful, with tickets almost selling out.

It has also enabled Wiz Khalfa to promote his most recent album – Blacc Hollywood.

According to Pitchfork‘s take on his Blacc Hollywood album.

Blacc Hollywood‘s production choices are inspired—but you could never mistake it for possessing an adventurous streak, thanks to the waxen array of prurient drug raps at center stage. It’s possible for an artist to be too on brand, and Wiz’s music is almost monomaniacally obsessed with outlining how much weed he has amassed and his plans for burning through it.”

However, the site also goes on to explain the following about Wiz Khalifa’s target audience.

“But people don’t come to a Wiz Khalifa album to plunder the mysteries of the heart—they come to party.”

That said, Wiz Khalifa has also been featured in a new Batman: Arkham Asylum promo video, playing the game. Released on Thursday by Warner Bros, it features a number of celebrities playing the conclusion of the game’s series.

They include Wiz Khalifa, Neil Patrick Harris, Blake Anderson, Kumail Nanjiani, Minka Kelly, Joe Manganiello, and Breckin Meyer.

In the video, Wiz Khalifa’s gaming skills are unmatched. Check out the video below.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]