Tevin Bradley Has Been Charged With Attacking His Wife In Front Of Her 7-Year-Old Son, And The Reason Will Floor You

Tevin Bradley, a 21-year-old man from Jonesboro, Arkansas, was arrested after police answered a domestic disturbance call that was placed at the request of his wife, an unidentified 24-year-old woman.

While many domestic abuse cases happen throughout the U.S. each day, this one is particularly noteworthy for the reason that it turned physical, as well as the fact that it all went down in front of a 7-year-old boy, the victim’s son.

KAIT8 reports that the woman and Tevin Bradley were arguing outside of the home when they arrived. Officer Keith Baggett stated that Bradley went inside the home when he saw them.

At this point, the woman told her version of events, which included an admission that they had been arguing all day, and that when she got up to leave, he “spit in her face and then swung and hit her in the face,” Baggett said.

The police report says that the 7-year-old witnessed this and tried to help by pushing Tevin back as he advanced on the little boy’s mom.

When the victim made it back to her feet, she grabbed three knives from the kitchen “to defend herself and her son,” KAIT8 notes.

“She said he grabbed one of the knives from her then swung the knife at her and her son but did not strike her,” Baggett said, noting that the woman had inserted herself between Tevin Bradley and the boy.

After he swung the knife, the boy ran from the home and to a neighbor’s house, while the woman went outside to wait for police. According to the officer, “the left side of the victim’s face was swollen and slightly bruised, her lip was red and bleeding, there were marks around her neck and a small cut to her forearm.”

Bradley does not deny that he pulled the woman’s hair and hit her. He also says that he took the knives from her, but it was all reactionary in an effort to defend himself after she pulled his hair first.

Police noted that Bradley didn’t appear to have any injuries, and when they asked him what started the events, he agreed that they had been arguing all day, but it was when she broke his Xbox controller that things turned physical.

He now faces “two counts of aggravated assault on a family or household member, domestic battery-third degree, kidnapping-false imprisonment, and two failure to appear warrants,” KAIT8 notes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated case of people committing crimes for trivial reasons. Take this 2011 case reported by the NY Daily News of a burglar who got high on bath salts and broke into a family’s house. His reason: he wanted to put up Christmas decorations.

At least in that case, mental impairment was involved. Kidnapping and false imprisonment over an Xbox controller? That’s another story.

What punishment do you think that Tevin Bradley should face, if convicted?

[Image via Craighead County Detention Center c/o KAIT8, linked above]