'Breaking Bad': Things That Help Fans Remember The Show

Breaking Bad has a huge fandom, and even though the TV show itself is over, the fans remain – and crave for constant reminders. Fortunately, they get what they want – from different and sometimes unexpected sources.

According to the Inquisitr, the most recent and qualitative reminder is, well, Heisenberg Blue Ice Vodka – its color, the quotes on the bottle and the taste bring back the memories of the Breaking Bad TV show in the most pleasant manner.

"Heisenberg Blue Ice Vodka, which tributes White's transition from a high school chemistry teacher to a murderous methamphetamine cook, is now available in stores and online via 21st Century Spirits through a partnership with Sony Pictures Television, who produced the show, LA Times reports.

"The first thing fans will notice about the limited edition Breaking Bad-themed vodka is its blue color, which is a nod to Heisenberg's trademark 'Blue Sky' meth that White dealt alongside his former student, Jesse Pinkman."

But the reminder like a Heisenberg Blue Ice Vodka is simply a smart move of the manufacturers. Sometimes it's an accident that makes people remember. For example, according to Salon, OZY Media took the poem, used in the Breaking Bad series, for their advertising company (though the poem is pretty tragic).

"In any case, 'Ozymandias' seems to have earned a second life lately. Not bad for a poem Shelley started writing in 1817.

"Its most famous use over the last few years was probably in one of the final episodes of 'Breaking Bad,' a show with a bleak, heavy, epic feel that matched up with Shelley pretty well. The episode itself was called 'Ozymandias' and its trailer involved Bryan Cranston reading the whole poem."

However, all the products and references are not enough to satisfy the fans. That's why they themselves constantly try to create something to remember the best moments from the show, and as Metro reports, mash-ups seem to work perfectly for this purpose.

"Breaking Bad and SpongeBob Squarepants are two of the greatest shows in their television genre. And now they've been brought together in the funniest of mash-ups aptly called Breaking Sponge.

"Using clips from the SpongeBob animation, creator Stephen Hillenberg has dubbed their voices with dialogue from Breaking Bad episodes. Obviously the Squarepants is voiced by Walter White, AKA Heisenberg, while his wife Skylar's voice is lent to Sandy."

Breaking Bad was indeed something special in comparison to many modern TV shows, so no wonder its fans use every possibility to remind themselves about it.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]