Anastasia Lechtchenko Masney: Russian Girl Removes Eyes, Heart Of Mother, Sister In Mexico Witchcraft Murders

Anastasia Lechtchenko Masney killed her mother and sister and then dismembered their bodies because she thought they were practicing witchcraft against her, according to Mexican authorities in Tijuana. The New York Daily News is reporting now that the Russian embassy has not yet confirmed the exact spelling of the killer’s name.

The Mexican murders were discovered on June 11 after a horrific odor leading from a home in Playas de Tijuana was reported. Police say that when they arrived at the home they found dismembered body parts stuffed in plastic bags belonging to two females whom police say are the mother and sister to Anastasia Lechtchenko (sometimes spelled Lechtchenco). The victims were identified as 45-year-old Yuliya Masney Safonchik and 12-year-old Valeria Lechtchenko Masney.

Anastasia Lechtchenko told law enforcement officials that she killed her mother and sister because they were going to put a hex on her, commonly referred to as brujeria or witchcraft.

The girl has been having problems with her mother, causing her to run away from home for a time before being located in the drug cartel-infested state of Sinaloa, Mexico. As of now, she remains free until a judge in Tijuana signs the arrest order.

Using witchcraft or brujeria against someone in Mexico has become a common way to solve all kinds of problems in society, such as illness, money problems, delinquent behavior in children, and even revenge. About this widespread problem, Mujahid Hussein told the Christian Monitor the following.

“The worship of Santa Muerte is widespread, especially among the drug cartels, but it’s also rapidly growing among the general population in Mexico and in Hispanic communities in the U.S. A large majority of [Mexico’s] population is Catholic, but the Catholicism here is mixed up with ancient pagan rites, witchcraft, false religions like Santeria, Voodoo, Palo Mayombe, and other demonic cults, and the worship of false saints like ‘Saint’ Death and Jesus Malverde.”

Mexican witchcraft killings have been the subject of several documentaries and a few movies that were based on true stories. One of the most famous in Mexico involves the story of Mark J. Kilroy, a young American college student who vanished while vacationing in Mexico. Investigators say that he was used as a human sacrifice along with several more people whose bodies were found on a ranch belonging to Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo and his accomplice, Sara Aldrete. The 2007 movie Borderland was based on that case. The 1987 movie called The Believers starring Martin Sheen also portrays voodoo cults based on Afro-Cuban cults such as Santeria and Palo Mayombe.

The details in this case are still coming in. Please check back for more up-to-date details.

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