World Trade Center Base Jumper Left A Note For His Mom Before Famous 2013 Jump: Police

ndrew Rossig, 33, a member of the three-men gang now known as the World Trade Center Base jumpers is back in the news again.

Nearly two years ago, in September 2013, three young men – James Brady, 32, Marko Markovich, 26 and Andrew Rossig headed towards the then under construction 1 World Trade Center – the tallest structure in New York City. Their aim was to execute a daring, 1,368 foot BASE jump from the 1WTC. The World Trade Center BASE jumpers not only managed to evade security officials, they even managed to pull off the stunt in New York without anyone noticing. In fact, it was not until March 2014 when the one of the BASE jumpers uploaded the footage of the jump to YouTube that police got into action and subsequently arrested the trio. They were hit with burglary, reckless endangerment and illegal BASE jumping charges back then, a CNN report said. The Inquisitr too had reported about it back then.

Following investigations, the trial for the men commenced this week, nearly two years after the offence was committed. The police, has presented several evidences that would possibly lead to a conviction for all the three BASE jumpers. However, one of the evidences stands out as special, reports NY Daily News. That happens to be a note left by Andrew Rossig to his mother before he left home to execute the jump. In the note, Rossig had warned his mother that he was about to get into a “heap of trouble.” In fact, Rossig was so convinced he would be facing jail, he left nearly $8,000 with her so that she could “cover her bills for a while.”

“If you’re reading this, Rob probably called you, And you have heard that I went to jump the Freedom tower and am now in a heap of trouble. If I’m gonna be away for longer than 6 mo sell the property all the info for it and the house is in the file cab.”

He ends the letter with the following words.

“I love you very much and I needed to write some History so sorry again, Love Andrew.”

According to a New York Post report, this note left for Rossig’s mother was found by Detective John McGrade who executed a search warrant at Rossig’s home following his arrest. The diary in which the World Trade Center BASE jumper’s note was found also had details about other BASE jump attempts and future plans.

The GoPro footage that eventually led to the arrest of the World Trade Center BASE jumpers was mounted on the helmet worn by James Brady. James was incidentally one of the ironworkers who helped build the New World Trade Center tower.

[Image Via YouTube]