WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt Could Play Huge Role At ‘Money In The Bank’ On Sunday

Bray Wyatt hasn’t been seen a whole lot in recent weeks, and some believe he could be plotting something to bring together the Wyatt Family again. Those are simply rumors as it really appears as if WWE may have nothing for him storyline-wise right now. Well, some more whispers are being heard and he could end up appearing at Money In The Bank on Sunday and playing a big part.

Recently, Wyatt lost as part of a gauntlet match to Roman Reigns, but that’s all we’ve seen of him lately.

The final card for Sunday’s Pay-Per-View (PPV) is complete and totally in place. Bray Wyatt is nowhere to be seen on that card he doesn’t have a match. Oddly enough though, he may end up being there.

Bray Wyatt is featured in the “Appearing Superstars” section for the WWE Live Events section of their website. Yes, this is always “Subject to Change,” but it is interesting that he’s listed on there with about 10 others who are definitely on the card.

wwe money in the bank rumors bray wyatt

Moving over another page, superstars such as Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Neville, and others are shown. Wyatt is the only person throughout the entire Money In The Bank event page that is not scheduled to be on the Sunday show.

With Kane being added into the ladder match for the WWE Title match contract, that makes seven participants. WWE has never been against an odd number of wrestlers in a match so that may not change at all.

Then again, this inclusion of Bray Wyatt on the “included superstars” section could mean he’ll be thrown into the mix. Could Wyatt be thrown into the match at last minute and end up competing for the briefcase?

As the discussion of another name being added to that match is going on, there are also rumors that Brock Lesnar could show up and go after the contract. Again, that’s also just a rumor.

For a while now, Bray Wyatt has been in a bit of limbo and hasn’t really had much direction since the beginning of April. It’s almost as if WWE really doesn’t know what to do with him, and it’s a shame as he is very talented in the ring and on the mic.

If Wyatt does end up on the card for Money In The Bank, it won’t be for some small role. Rumors are already beginning to swirl in the WWE Universe, and the crazed backwoods wrestler may soon put his unique mind to work again. Will it be with a WWE Title match contract?

[Images via WWE]