Sophisticated Sex Dolls Are Able To Think And Talk Back For A Hefty Price

Amy Schaeffer

Technology appears to affect every facet of life, from fitness to nutrition, to work, and even to sex. The pornography industry hit a boom when the internet went full force; the effect of that on couples and society may vary greatly depending on who you talk to. Sociologists agree that the internet has forever changed the world of sex and dating, but now technology is going one step further: Sex dolls that are able to "think" and talk back to their (human) partners. What?

While this isn't a new conceptual idea, it is the first time that these dolls are attempting to be created. Controversial ideas about "sex dolls" that may quench pedophiles' desires made the rounds a while back from some very unsettling and demonstrative public outcry. These dolls, however, are fully mature, adult look-a-likes, and able to do just about anything you want them to.

Matt McMullen is working on a project called Realbotix; a large range of sex dolls which will not only satisfy their customers' physical sexual needs, but will also be able to communicate and appear to be able to think for themselves. How is this possible? McMullen is not knew to the sex doll scene. He is perhaps best known for producing the RealDoll, a positional, silicone, reasonably life-like sex doll. He says he prefers to create females dolls.

These dolls aren't cheap (no pun intended) - His new dolls build on his previous success (McMullen claims to have sold over 5,000 RealDolls, which cost up to $10,000 each) by adding animatronics (mechanical movement) to the doll capabilities. He calls it the "customizable programming of personality," which will create the illusion that the doll is enjoying the experience, likely based on the customer's custom requests. If you find this a bit creepy, you probably aren't alone, but there is a very real demand for this type of doll, McMullen states. However, he states he wants to keep the doll at a doll level, not making it disarmingly life-like. Something about being too real is distressing to even the creator of the dolls.

"The hope is to create something that will actually arouse someone on an emotional, intellectual level, beyond the physical. You can look at the best of my dolls and still tell it's a doll, and I want to keep in that arena. A moving doll is different from a detailed-to-the-finest-skin-pore copy of a person, and making it move. For me that's a little offputting."