Taylor Schilling Branching Out To Movies In ‘The Overnight’

Taylor Schilling is known to audiences the world over for her role in Netflix original Orange is the New Black. It appears that Taylor Schilling would like to be known as something a little bit more. If her next role in the movie The Overnight takes off, it’s possible that Taylor Schilling will indeed start an up and coming Hollywood career.

One of the reasons her career might be taking off rather soon is because Taylor Schilling isn’t afraid of taking edgy roles. Certainly, her role in Orange is the New Black can be called edgy, considering the show is about living in a woman’s prison. Clearly, she doesn’t let that edge bleed over because Taylor Schilling has formed some rather lasting friendships like the one she has with Uzo Aduba. Of course, Aduba, in her own right has taken on the rather odd character of Crazy Eyes.

Taylor Schilling will be going it alone when it comes to working with her Orange is the New Black castmates. Instead, the actress will be working with Adam Scott who will be playing her onscreen husband. The couple are looking to move to a new town in order to make new friends and continue to have a healthy sex life despite the fact that they have a young child. In The Overnight, Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott eventually meet Jason Schwartzman’s Kurt and his wife.

Schwartzman has a young son the same age as Taylor Schilling’s and the couples end up having a play date. Once the kids are asleep the adults start to play some party games that become more intimate and dark in nature. “I really appreciated how this character was struggling to come to terms with something very honest in her life,” Taylor Schilling said about this new role. “Really trying to sort out her relationship, piece-by-piece, step-by-step feeling her way through what she believed in, what was right, accepting her partner. There are elements of the relationship that don’t work, but she’s deeply in love with someone and wanting to see if there’s a way of making it work.”

Obviously, this is the kind of performance that not every actress would jump at the chance to take on. But the OITNB star isn’t one who would shy away from it either. It should be pointed out that Taylor Schilling has had her character deal with plenty of odd circumstances in her hit series, and The Overnight is just one more.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions]