83 Bunnies Have Been Rescued By PETA From Backyard Breeder After They Were Found Living In Deplorable Conditions [Video]

Reports claim 83 bunnies have been rescued by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) from a backyard breeder after the rabbits were found living in deplorable conditions.

PETA learned of the ill-fated animals after they saw a posting on Craigslist advertising the rabbits for sale at a home in Riverside County, California.

The 83 bunnies were not being sold as furry pets. Rather, they were being liquidated for their fur, meat, and as live reptile food. The owner’s decided they no longer wanted to raise them, so they simply didn’t care what happened to them once they were gone.

“The breeders had been selling rabbits for fur, meat, and reptile food, and now that they no longer wanted the business, they certainly didn’t care what buyers did with the 83 bunnies they had left.”

After visiting the home and seeing what deplorable conditions the animals were living in, PETA negotiated a deal with the breeders to take all of the remaining bunnies.

“The cages were elevated off the ground, but there were just piles of feces underneath all of them,” veterinarian Heather Rally said in a video released by PETA. “One of the first things that I noticed was that there was an animal that was already dead in his cage.”

After taking the bunnies to the San Diego Humane Society, they underwent physical examinations. What they found was horrific. Many of the rabbits had horribly infected wounds on their feet from living their entire lives walking on wire. Others had severe dental diseases, and one was even missing an ear.

Rally and a group of volunteers set the animals up a temporary home at the shelter, which they said the rabbits immediately started exploring.

“They actually started exploring almost immediately,” Rally said. “Everyone was so happy to see how they acclimated.”

It was the first time that the rabbits were able to “hop around on soft surfaces NOT wire cage bottoms” and “experience love and kindness.”

Once the 83 bunnies are given a clean bill of health, they will be put up for adoption by the humane society as pets, not reptile food, where they can live happy lives with a loving family.

[Photo via Shutterstock]