Mel Gibson Can Take Daughter To Australia After Court Face Off With Ex [Video]

Mel Gibson was back in court this week with his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, over whether their daughter, Lucia, can go with Gibson to Australia to film Mel’s next project. Mel was victorious when a California judge declared that Gibson can indeed take his little girl, who is 5-years-old, with him when he begins filming Hacksaw Ridge later this year.

TMZ reports there was also a dispute over which kindergarten Lucia would attend, and the judge sided with Mel on that point during the court hearing. Sources say that both Mel and his ex “told the judge they’re working on being able to better co-parent.”

In 2010, the Gibson and Oksana split up when the Russian singer pursued battery charges against Mel. He was charged with felony battery according to Canada Journal. In court, she claimed Gibson hit her in the mouth, which allegedly knocked out two of her veneers.

Gibson admitted culpability for the accusation, submitting a no contest plea, but according sources, he is a very hands on father who loves his little girl, reports the Daily Mail. Oksana, who’s 45, objected to Lucia spending time outside of the United States with dad Mel.

Earlier this year, Gibson was in another legal conflict during an accident with another driver, as reported by the Inquisitr.

After a bitter custody battle in court, Mel was awarded joint custody of Lucia with Oksana, according to Canada Journal, but “there are many conflicts,” one source told the publication. Despite the initial ruling, the judge has slowly increased Gibson’s custody over his daughter, and Mel now has just over 50 percent custody of Lucia, which allows him to take his daughter to his native Australia with him.

Gibson initially offered his ex $15 million as a settlement in the battery case, but it was rejected. She then later settled for $750,000 but was forced to give up her settlement, along with half the installments owed to her after breaking her confidentiality agreement during an interview with Howard Stern. In May 2014, according to the Daily Mail, Gibson appeared in court to have his record expunged following the completion of his three-year probation sentence.

Gibson wanted to take his daughter with him when his new movie commences filming during the Australian summer. The movie is based on the story of Desmond Doss, who was “a Seventh Day Adventist and refused to bear arms on religious grounds,” reports the Daily Mail.

A Los Angeles court ruled that Mel Gibson may take his daughter with him to Australia for one month, and he can keep her in Los Angeles for an extra two weeks following lawyer’s presentations.

[Image credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images]